Sunday, March 20, 2016

Another week in the books

Some times I think about my pre-mortal existence.  I believe I lived before I came to this earth.  I lived with my Heavenly Parents and all of my brothers and sisters (there were a lot of us!)  I knew I was coming here to my Earthly life.  I think I must have imagined what it would be like, dreamed that I would do all of these amazing things, and return to my Parents having made them so proud of me!  That’s who I am – I want to do good things and make the people important to me, happy. 

So something I sit and think.  When I’m done here, when I can remember what I knew then, will I be proud of me?  Will I wonder why I didn’t do more?  Will I wonder what was I thinking?  Will I wonder why I allowed my physical body (sickness, fatigue, hormones) to influence my decisions? Am I doing enough now, so I’ll be happy with my expectations for myself then?   Not sure, still pondering…

Our week…the biggest thing was poor Jason.  His kidneys are giving him fits!  Poor guy!  He’s been home all week, in pain.  Thursday he went in to have his 6 mm stone blasted by a laser and pulled out.  The stint, unfortunately, had to stay in.  Monday morning that’ll come out – it can’t come out fast enough for my Jason!

Afterwards, while he still had the great drugs in his system, we went out for Chinese.  We found a place that has pretty authentic food – yum!

IMG_0017 (2)IMG_0887

My Mom sent me this:  Love it!  J (Jason), S (Shelly), and our temple!!


Bella singing – she amazes me Smile


Brother – he has discovered that we have this dry creek bed in our back yard.  He loves it!  He finds a rock, checks it out, and throws it behind him. Smile


Oh to be able to capture the beauty of a Kentucky Spring!

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IMG_0021 (2)IMG_0023 (2)IMG_0025 (2)IMG_6589

This girl loves her cupcake show – here she is frosting a cupcake – she was in heaven!


Have I mentioned we got a new cat?  Just as I was wrapping up the whole pet thing, Becca and Blake give us a new cat.  If you have seen the movie How to Tame Your Dragon, and you remember Toothless, then you have meet Toulouse.  He’s the craziest cat.  Solid black and golden eyes – beautiful, but crazy!


Bella loves her dance class.  I don’t love that it’s on the other side of town.  At 5:15 the last thing I want to do is hop in the car and drive through the city and the rush hour traffic.  But this girl makes it all worth it!  She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES moving and dancing and being with other little girls!


This was fun!  Bella lost her g-tube.   I noticed it was missing when the PT raised her shirt to check out her rib flare.  Quickly, I called Jason (yea that he was home!)  He was able to drive over to therapy to bring me a new one.  Between PT holding her arms and Jason holding her legs, she got her g-tube replaced.  Just another day in the life!  :)

Now that her knee is working, we move onto the next thing – her functional scoliosis.  We are going to bind her.  It helps her to stay straight.  It helps her to know where her body is in space, and it’ll keep those flaring ribs in making it easier for her muscles to contract.


Therapy – we love therapy!  Afterwards we always stop for a snack and then off to school!


Friday night  - piano and viola had been cancelled – happy day in my book.  We just got to stay home!


Jason has gone a little stir crazy here at home!  On Saturday he wanted to be outside.  It had gotten kinda chilly, so he made a fire and just sat out there watching it. 


My crazy big girls – baking, signing camp songs, and then indexing – I’d call that a happy Sabbath!


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