Saturday, November 15, 2008

I’ve been tagged!

Kathie tagged me for 5 joys, 5 fears, 5 obsessions, 5 surprising facts.
Let’s see…..
5 Joys
1. My family
2. My scripture time
3. Routine
4. Seeing my children happy
5. Watching my children learn new things

5 Fears
1. For Jason to die – I have NEVER been alone – what would I do?
2. For one of my babies to die – how could I live?
3. To disappoint someone (pretty much anyone)
4. To look bad (stupid, like a bad Mom, any negative adj.) in public
5. To fall from a high distance, to hit something or someone when I’m backing out, little phobias like that

5 Obsessions
1. Adoption
2. My kids
3. My relationship with my Father in Heaven
4. Being at peace inside
5. Home schooling

5 Surprising Facts
1. I hope my family is DONE after Jeffrey
2. I want another baby :) (see #1 and realize I’m nuts!)
At this point I had to ask Jason – I can’t think of anymore!
3.  I asked Jason to marry me! (not the other way around. Although Jason says, if you know me and my obsession for planning, this isn’t a surprise!)
4. I don’t like to shop (anyone shocked?)
5. I love Excel! and I obsess about money!

1 comment:

Kathie said...

Wow you have been busy this morning blogging. Thanks for playing along with the tag. Your girls are really very silly - the fire looked nice I wish I had a fireplace it has been that cold here for a while and we may get snow today. :(