Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sammi’s Birthday

Today was Sammi’s 10th Birthday!  We chose all of the food we ate at each meal.  Breakfast – Fruit Coffee Cake

Lunch – Clam Chowder, crackers, and cheese

Dinner – Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Bread, Fruit Salad, Sushi

And then Cheesecake and Sherbet

From us she got some earrings, a peek a boo Barbie, new Scriptures, and a cool paper making kit.  Should I mention the fact that she woke us up at 5 something AM so she could open her presents before Daddy left for work?  Yawn!  So cute!

 Sam's bday 014 Sam's bday 015 Sam's bday 018

During the day the girls and I made Sammi and Jessi bunk beds – they are WAY excited!

Sam's bday 026

AND……big changes……Sammi and I went to WalMart and got her ears pierced!  She choose pink hearts.  She looks really cute.

Sam's ears 001

Sammi’s very exciting dinner:

 Sam's bday 027

And then present time – the common theme was money!  She got $20 from Linda    She got $25 from Grandma and Grandpa Turpin.  She got $20 from Asia.  She got $10 from Kathie earlier in the week.  She spent that on a Webkinz that she named Blue Bell.  Then she got this fun Webkinz from Grandma Ball.  She named it Goldie.

Sam's bday 029   Sam's bday 032

Sam's bday 033 Sam's bday 031

She wanted Cheesecake and I forgot candles (what a bad Mom!), so I grabbed a candle from the house for her to blow out.  Here we are singing “Happy Birthday!”  In case you were wondering, Sammi was sitting on a huge bouncy ball through all of this!  :)

Sam's bday 036

And finally, a picture of Sammi and her two sets of Grandparents!  Pretty Cool!

Sam's bday 040

Happy Birthday babe, I can’t believe you are ten years old!  We love you!

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Kathie said...

Sam - I can't believe that you are that old either - I remember you being so little and you have grown into a beautiful young woman - Happy Birthday!