Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Aunt Kathie took pictures of us…

Aunt Marissa took pictures of us when Bella came home – they are beautiful and on our living room wall.  Feel free to drop by and take a peek.  :)

Aunt Kathie is trying to get better at her photography, so we were her willing guinea pigs.  I think she did a fantastic job!

 P1011755-1_thumb[2] P1011764-1_thumb[2] P1011767-1_thumb[2]

  P1011773-1_thumb[2] P1011778-1_thumb[1] P1011782-1_thumb[1]  P1011798-1_thumb[1]  P1011803-1_thumb[1]P1011848-1_thumb[1]P1011791-1_thumb[1] P1011818-1_thumb[1]    P1011835-1_thumb[2] P1011859-1_thumb[1] P1011863-1_thumb[1] P1011896-1_thumb[1]P1011866-1_thumb[1] P1011880-1_thumb[2] P1011855-1_thumb[1]P1011884-1_thumb[1] P1011887_thumb[2] P1011893-1_thumb[2]

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