Sunday, March 08, 2015

Will Winter Ever End?

Seriously?  I am ready for Spring – seriously ready.  We had some warm rain which melted all of the remaining snowing!  Wahoo!

A cute snowman by Sammi with the last of the snow.   Look!  That looks like grass – greenish even!  All of the rain and melting snow set the stage for some mild flooding.

2015-03-02 March 8 0022015-03-04 March 8 0012015-03-04 March 8 0022015-03-04 March 8 003

The girls celebrated Dr Seuss’s birthday at school.

2015-03-02 march 8 0032015-03-02 march 8 0062015-03-02 march 8 007

Lots of wrestling going on around here!  You would think I had a house full of boys instead of girls!                                                                                 Lizzy and the neighbor jumping!

2015-03-02 march 8 0082015-03-03 march 8 0012015-03-04 march 8 013

Tuesday the girls played Laser Tag with all of the YW of the Old Crestwood 1st Ward.  They LOVED it!


And then Winter wanted to show it wasn’t totally gone with one last (hopefully) storm.  In one night, twelve inches – crazy!  School was cancelled for three days!

2015-03-05 March 8 0012015-03-05 March 8 0032015-03-05 March 8 002

I thought this was so cool!  With all of the water in the ground, our sub pump was going crazy!  The backyard is wet – seriously wet – so when it froze, all of the water crystallized.  Seriously pretty!

2015-03-06 March 8 0012015-03-06 March 8 002

Our awesome neighbor is from Michigan – and he has a snow blower!  WaHaHa!  Marvelous invention!  So quickly that snow is gone!

2015-03-06 March 8 0032015-03-06 March 8 0042015-03-06 March 8 0062015-03-06 March 8 005

Don’t know if you can see it – but we loved this face on this potato – kinda how we feel about snow at this point!

These two girls, Sammi and Jessi, are such good friends.  I love listening to them as they laugh and joke with each other.  I’m glad they are friends.  I hope they can be forever!

2015-03-05 March 8 0042015-03-06 March 8 007

Jason made sure I had the essentials for being stuck in the house!

2015-03-04 march 8 005

Pictures of us being here.  I don’t know what it is about snow days – time just passes.  They are not like normal days for whatever reason.  Something else I notice about these pictures, I love pictures of my sleeping babies!

2015-03-04 march 8 0062015-03-04 march 8 0072015-03-04 march 8 0082015-03-04 march 8 0092015-03-04 march 8 0112015-03-04 march 8 0122015-03-05 march 8 0122015-03-05 march 8 0132015-03-05 march 8 0152015-03-05 march 8 0162015-03-05 march 8 017

Friday – school may have been cancelled, but I was going to try and keep things as normal as possible!  OT and ST cancelled, but PT was ready to work Bella hard!

2015-03-06 march 8 0092015-03-06 march 8 010

I took Joy into the doctor.  She has been limping on her left leg.  With DS, her chances of leukemia are higher than the average kid, so whenever she limps, gets sluggish, anything out of the ordinary, my cancer radar goes off.  She limped around for a week, then stopped, then started again.  The doctor says we are going to watch it because she has no other symptoms.  Her PT feels she probably just hyperextended her knee (oh the joys of loose joints!)

Joy and her snacks!

2015-03-06 march 8 0082015-03-06 march 8 013

Drove the girls to piano lessons and passed up some amazing iced limbs – so fascinating!

2015-03-06 march 8 0142015-03-06 march 8 0152015-03-06 march 8 016

Saturday was such a great day!  We left the house!!!!!!  We drove around and saw new parts of town.  We went to an Open House for a condo (not for us!)  We came home and danced around the house!  Brother is so cute!  His favorite song is “Best Day of my Life” by American Authors.  He LOVES it!!  He likes Imagine Dragons too!

2015-03-07 March 8 001

And then Becca got home!  My heart is complete again when she is here! 

2015-03-07 March 8 0042015-03-07 March 8 005

She brought home some pom poms from SVU.  The little girls LOVED them!

2015-03-07 March 8 0092015-03-07 March 8 0462015-03-07 March 8 0192015-03-07 March 8 0182015-03-07 March 8 0332015-03-07 March 8 0552015-03-07 March 8 0612015-03-07 March 8 0742015-03-07 March 8 0692015-03-08 March 8 001

We went to our new ward today.  It’s so weird to walk into a new church with new faces – didn’t we just do this?  :)

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