Sunday, March 01, 2015

Flu Week

After missing school all week last week, Joy and I were SO READY for the school bus on Monday morning!  Routine is so important to this little one!  It was a happy morning!

Sammi had a doctor’s appointment.  It didn’t take any time at all, so we decided to extend our time out alone a little with an ice cream sundae!  It was amazing!

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Last week we were off from school due to snow.  This week many missed school due to the flu, as in actual influenza.  Yuck!  Bella and Alex both missed all week.  Poor things!  There was a lot of laying around, sleeping, and watching TV.

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Becca ordered Joy a Cheer Bow in Chenoweth colors.  Joy’s response?  “Big!”

2015-02-25 March 2 0072015-02-25 March 2 0082015-03-02 March 2 001

The girls went to New Beginnings (Sammi was home with the flu).  They are ready to Embark!  They loved the new video from the church!

2015-02-24 March 2 008

As they got better, they got goofy! A little cabin fever perhaps?

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Truly beautiful sunset

2015-02-25 March 2 012

Lizzy spent her Thursday evening helping out at the All County 6th Grade Orchestra Competition.  Since she made the 7th Grade All County Orchestra, she was ineligible to audition, so she enjoyed helping out instead!  (Crazy selfie!)

Friday night the girls went to a fun youth party in our ward.  Crazy, silly girls!

2015-02-26 March 2 0102015-02-27 March 2 004

Saturday Jessi underwent a BIG change!  Introducing the new Jessi!

2015-02-28 March 2 0012015-02-28 March 2 003

2015-02-28 March 2 008


Jason was in Indianapolis for a couple of days for work.  On the way back, he and a co-worker stopped at the Lego store.  He had so much fun there, he had to rummage through his keepsake boxes till he found his old Star Wars Legos! Cute old man!






2015-03-01 March 2 003


These crazy kids!  We spent some time with a financial planner on Saturday about them.  We needed to make sure we have life insurance, wills, and special needs trusts set up for them.  The reality is that they will probably outlive us.We have to be careful to make sure they will be provided for.  We don’t have a lot of money, but we do alright. We want to make sure that these little ones will be able to be happy and well taken care of if and when something happens to Jason and me.  Somber thoughts!




Basketball Tournament – 2nd place in the Stake!  Pretty impressive girls!


Saturday night date night – we took Sammi out for “Chinese”  -  American Chinese anyway.  She has become obsessed with a YouTube channel “Off The Great Wall

2015-02-28 March 2 0102015-02-28 March 2 012

Sunday night there was a special meeting to announce the new boundaries of the Crestwood 1st and 2nd wards.  We went in as members of the 1st ward and left as members of the 2nd.  A new Branch was created.  There are so many changes!  The girls came home and cried and cried!  I seriously never even saw this many tears when we moved.  It’s just a lot of change.  We have been here for six months now.  We were finally getting to know people.  Now we will start anew in our new ward. Here’s hoping we adjust quickly!

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