Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Week

Playing Telestrations and cuddling with her brother and a cat – about as good as life gets.

2015-03-08 March 28 0012015-03-08 March 28 004

Monday I took down all of our snow flakes.  I’m hoping the seasons notice and decide to warm up!       

Becca wanted Pho, authentic Pho.  So she looked it up and we drove across town to find a place.  It was a teeny restaurant, but she loved it!

2015-03-09 March 28 0012015-03-09 March 28 002

2015-03-09 March 30 011Monday morning Joy heard Jason and I talking about his upcoming birthday.  When she got to school, she told teacher, “Today is Daddy’s birthday!” So teacher helped her make Daddy a painting.  And since Joy was convinced it was indeed Daddy’s birthday, Becca picked up some cupcakes we had with FHE!  Happy early birthday Jason!






2015-03-09 March 30 0022015-03-09 March 30 010

OK, this was a little scary!  I guess Joy wanted pancakes in the middle of the night.  She got up and tried to make some.  Fortunately, she doesn’t know how to turn on the stove, or this could have been bad!  She’s determined, that’s for sure!

2015-03-10 March 28 0032015-03-10 March 28 0022015-03-10 March 28 001

Tuesday Indian was being craved.  So we found an good Indian buffet.  Crazy girl is teaching me all about this city!

2015-03-10 March 28 0052015-03-10 March 28 0062015-03-10 March 28 0072015-03-10 March 28 009

Becca can’t sit still or stay in the house too long. So as soon as Liz was home, it was off to Sonic!

That night Jason and I went to Parent Teacher Conference for Joy and Bella.  I am grateful for how much their teacher does for them!  She loves them.  What a relief that is when sending off basically non verbal children!

2015-03-10 March 28 0112015-03-10 March 28 012

Wednesday I was able to sub at VIPS. How I love doing that!  Afterwards I ran over to watch Sammi’s Choir competition.  They did so well!  They got a Distinguished! Yea EHS!! They sang two songs and had a sightreading portion.  These videos are from her practice concert the week before.

2015-03-11 March 28 001

My sweet, crazy boy!

2015-03-11 March 28 0022015-03-11 March 28 003

While I was gone, Jason and Becca went out to Blaze Pizza.  She LOVED their GF pizza!  Jason loved his with tons of cheese and artichoke hearts!

2015-03-11 March 29 001

It was a beautiful day, so we enjoyed it!  Jessi loves to read in the fort.  Joy loves to swing! Bella and Lizzy love to jump!

2015-03-11 March 28 0042015-03-11 March 28 0062015-03-11 March 28 0102015-03-11 March 28 0132015-03-11 March 28 014

We stopped and picked up some Graeter’s Blackberry and Chocolate Chunk ice cream.  It was well received!  And I found Bec some gluten free GS cookies – one happy girl!

2015-03-12 March 30 0022015-03-13 March 30 001

Thursday I was supposed to sub again, but my boy screamed all night.  So instead we went to the doctor.  Always scary when he gets inconsolable, as that is a sign of possible shunt failure. Doctor and I decided to just continue to monitor him.  He was fine the next day, so something was up, but it wasn’t his shunt!

Becca and I figured this was as good a day as any to finally walk the bridge.  Bec has been wanting to do it since we moved here.  We brought the stroller, made Bro comfortable, and walked.  Two miles round trip.  It was really nice.  The bridge is beautiful.  The day was lovely.  We had a great time!

2015-03-12 March 28 0012015-03-12 March 28 0022015-03-12 March 28 0032015-03-12 March 28 0042015-03-12 March 28 0052015-03-12 March 28 0082015-03-12 March 28 0092015-03-12 March 28 010

Friday, therapy day.  Grateful for their good therapists!

2015-03-13 March 28 0012015-03-13 March 28 0022015-03-13 March 28 0032015-03-13 March 28 0042015-03-13 March 28 0072015-03-13 March 28 008

I just love this! When he sleeps, he puts his binky on his finger and he knows where it is all night!

2015-03-14 March 28 001

Jessi and Joy baking! Jessi stayed home with the kids so I could go with Jason and Lizzy to the temple.  It was her first time doing Baptisms for the Dead.  It was awesome!

2015-03-14 March 29 0022015-03-14 March 29 006

That afternoon/evening the area had a six stake Seminary Conference for those 14 and up, so Jessi and Sammi got to go. They had a great time!

2015-03-14 March 28 003

Meanwhile, as it was Pi Day (3/14/15), we went and had pizza pie! A whole pizza pie for $3.14, custom made. There was a bit of a wait, but it was fun and so yummy! And surprisingly, there weren’t many leftovers!

2015-03-14 March 29 0082015-03-14 March 29 0092015-03-14 March 29 0102015-03-14 March 29 0112015-03-14 March 29 0132015-03-14 March 29 0142015-03-14 March 29 0152015-03-14 March 29 016

Loved this – the Sounds of Spring!  Winter is SO quiet!

Sunday morning someone had to leave us and head back to College.  Joy hates it when Becca leaves.  I will hear “Where’s Gecca?” every day forever!

2015-03-15 March 30 0022015-03-15 March 30 0052015-03-15 March 30 0072015-03-15 March 30 0102015-03-15 March 30 0112015-03-15 March 30 013

Sunday was absolutely beautiful!   We had to eat lunch outside before church!

2015-03-15 March 28 0012015-03-15 March 28 0042015-03-15 March 28 0062015-03-15 March 28 0082015-03-15 March 28 011

Jason misses playing ball with Nathan.  Lizzy loves to help out!

2015-03-15 March 28 0152015-03-15 March 28 016

2015-03-15 March 28 0182015-03-15 March 28 023

This is a nice thing about having three working on Personal Progress at the same time!  They can do it together!

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