Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Calmer Week

After Memorial Day, we finished up the week with a calmer pace than lately.  We had our normal therapies for the girls and Joy had a swallow study.  I was excited on Friday because we took Bella to Labcorp by ourselves, no ambulance!

Tuesday evening Becca had another recital.  We think she did a lovely job.IMG_4456 IMG_4475

Me and my babies :)   Friday night we had homemade BBQ pizza and homemade cookies and cream ice cream.  That was yummy!   IMG_4503 IMG_4520

Us playing around. 

IMG_4534 June 3 001

June 3 009Jason got a BB gun for Father’s Day (a little early).  He is getting to be a pretty good shot!  He practices on empty pop cans.

I had no idea, but in Klein ISD, the last day of 8th Grade they have a dress up dance.  Who knew?  When I was dropping off Becca for school that morning, it was fun to see all of those kids dressed up.

 June 3 012 June 3 031

The girls got free meals from Zaxby’s for their grades.  So for lunch on Friday, we all went out and enjoyed our chicken dinner.  My favorite part was the fried pickles – yum!

June 6 033

Saturday was yard day – I love working in the yard.  I was pondering why yesterday and it’s probably because of the instant gratification that it gives me.  I am very busy trying to raise six little women, but that is a slow process.  At the end of my yard work, I can stand back and actually see what I did – very gratifying.  :)     When we moved in, there was a bunch of old bushes in front of the house.  They were really old and leggy.  So yesterday, we dug them all up and planted a whole new set of bushes.  I’m hoping in a year to have a lovely hedge.June 6 034 June 6 036 June 6 037 

(Yes, he is using a chain saw to cut through roots.  Not very good on the chain saw, but essential if we wanted to get those plants into the ground.  :)  )

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Cindy H said...

I had not thought of Yard work in that way....I can sit back and see it done. Too bad grass keeps growing and you have to repeat the work.