Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogging at 70MPH - The Trip Begins

We are on our way to Iowa and Nauvoo!

VAN -> 70MPH

Heading -> North

Technology -> blazing through the car ---

nauvoo trip day1 002

We have the DVD on for kids and  I told Shelly that if I connect my laptop to my phone on Bluetooth we would have Internet access.

What i did not know is if we could have an acceptable Internet speed while driving along.

So far it has worked great!!!

absolutely no impact to the family Internet addiction :)

The phone is also doubling as a Full GPS unit while providing near DSL speed internet access to the car.

I have my 2 meter HAM radio also, so we are all tech'd out in the Turpin Van!

We are just passing the 240 mile marker on I 45 north at 10:17am and enjoying the drive. 


nauvoo trip day1 012


Blarney Girl said...

Jason, you're such a computer geek!! Oh wait, takes one to know one!! hehehe

jturpin said...

it is just TOOOO Fun to Blog and cruise the internet while en-route. I love technology!!!