Saturday, July 19, 2008


wichita 008 This morning after a nice breakfast, (Jason caught us off guard with this picture :) ) we are "On the Road Again." We are driving through Kansas on the Kansas Turnpike. I have to admit I was very weary about the Turnpike. I hate toll roads! But after driving through Oklahoma (bump -a- hola), the Kansas Turnpike is heaven! It's not like back home where you have to stop every so often and pay the toll. Here you get on the road and receive a ticket that states where you got on. When you exit the Turnpike, you pay for the whole journey. Your fee depends on the distance you traveled. The road is wonderful! There are regular gas/food/bathroom stops and you don't have to leave the road (so you don't have to pay). Yeah Kansas!

wichita 012

wichita 021

Kansas is very tranquil. I felt very restful there. maybe it's the part we saw, but there weren't a lot of people and it's pretty much farm land. The fields and fields of crops are peaceful to me. Jason laughs at me, but one day I want to make a hay bale. The fields are mowed so neatly and the outcome is all of these neat cyclinder shapes of hay. I think it's pretty cool.

We are listening today to an audio book called "The Flown Sky" by Matthew Olshan from Audio Books for Kids. Very fun!

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