Friday, July 18, 2008


We enjoyed swimming at the hotel. The girls had so much fun. I loved to listen to Jason and the girls laugh and giggle. Another family enjoyed a birthday cake while we swam. They shared their cake with the girls (very kind).

wichita 006

wichita 007
What a wonderful day! No car problems, no traveling problems. Just everyone excited to be on vacation! :) At one point on our travels, I was sitting in the back beside baby Joy. I was filled with such happiness and contentment. Everything was right with my family and I was so grateful!

On a Ball family note, the hotel we stayed at is in Wichita (where my father was born) and located on Webb Street (Webb is my mother's maiden name).  Just fun!

It was interesting - there is a lot of aerospace "stuff" in Wichita, which would explain why my father was born there!

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