Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday - Until We Meet Again

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This is where we spent Thursday night - in the Marks home.  The Community of Christ person told us that Brother Marks was the Stake President.  They had a lovely home!

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This was our view from the house - the mighty Mississippi River.

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Friday morning, before we all parted ways, we had our family devotional (good job Bec!) and then a group hug!!

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I thought this was a fun picture (from the top, Michael, Beth, Asia, Aurora, Sammi)

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Becca and Aunt Cyndi                                       Uncle Brad and Joy


Joy loves Uncle Brad!  Joy has reached the developmental stage of knowing the difference between her family and strangers.  She loves to interact with people, but from the safety of her Mama's arms.  With Uncle Brad, it's different.  She will leap from my arms to go and see him!  Love ya Brad!

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Believe it or not, we hadn't seen all of Nauvoo yet.  So we struck out to see the final few places.  We saw the printing office - highly recommended.  There is so much to learn there!  We enjoyed the Shoe maker - that was fun.  But the one I loved the most was the Tinsmith.  The sister missionary gave us a tour of the home and his shop.  What I learned there was this man made the Angel of the Restoration that they placed atop the Nauvoo Temple.  He spent so much time and effort on it, so it would be perfect.  It was placed on the temple Jan. 30 and the Saints left Nauvoo on Feb. 4th.  Why should I ever complain again about any church service for any duration?  I was deeply touched by the Saints of Nauvoo, their testimonies, their faith, their devotion.  That I could be so faithful!

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A final family picture in Nauvoo, the beautiful city!

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Our final picture of Joy's temple.      

pageant and kathie 089

It seems fitting.  Joseph and Hyrum looking back at beautiful Nauvoo.

Nauvoo effected me deeply.  I hope what I felt of the devotion and faith will seek deeply into my soul.

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