Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday - Wandering Around Missouri

We left Nauvoo and very quickly left Illinois.  Then we very quickly left Iowa, which left us to wander around Missouri.  We were using Jason's GPS to guide us to my sister Kathie's house.  It did a pretty good job, except for the flooding and road closures.  There is one thing to remember about using a GPS unit, though, you should always have cell phone reception.  In the middle of nowhere Missouri, there aren't too many cell towers.

pageant and kathie 099  pageant and kathie 096

Not to worry, though, we made it!  Here is Kathie's house!  Howdy Kath!

pageant and kathie 100

Here is Kathie playing with Lizzy and Joy.

pageant and kathie 102 pageant and kathie 103

Kathie let us stay the night with her.  My sister amazes me.  She is working a million jobs.  She is getting close to having her PhD.  She is in the Primary Presidency of her ward.  She does tons of service and has many hobbies.  She amazes me - she accomplishes so very much.  What a wonderful example you are little sister.

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