Monday, July 21, 2008


We are here!!!

The Nauvoo Temple - from many angles!

nauvoo 002 

nauvoo 001

nauvoo 005

nauvoo 008

This is NOT our van - but I loved the message

"Never a better time to see  - Nauvoo"


Nauvoo Visitor's Center

nauvoo 009

We arrived at the Nauvoo Visitor's Center.  It was our central meeting place for the family reunion.


nauvoo 012

A replica of the Nauvoo Temple

nauvoo 013

A copy of the Christus - Sammi sat under this and bawled and bawled.  She can't understand why anyone would do this to the Savior.

nauvoo 014

Loved this - The First Vision

nauvoo 016

The one original sunstone left in Nauvoo.

nauvoo 015

Meeting up with family - so exciting!!

For our first activity, we went to see Jeremy's movie - most people call it the Joseph Smith movie.  Jeremy (Cyndi's husband) plays the blacksmith in the movie.  It is a wonderful movie!

I am touched by what I read, but I am so visual!  Seeing the mobs, seeing the tar and feathers, seeing his life is very powerful.  Sammi just cried and cried.  She couldn't understand why people would do these horrible things.  She told me, "I thought he (Joseph Smith) had a perfect life.  I knew about Liberty Jail and that he died, but other than that, I thought he had a perfect life."  Sigh!  Lots of talking on the Mama's part.  Poor Sammi - first the Savior's sufferings and now Joseph's and the Saint's.

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