Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday - Red Shirt Day

Today we wore our reunion shirts. Kathie designed the shirts - the back has a picture of the Nauvoo Temple and the phrase "I walked where Joseph walked." Everyone loved them! People would ask where they could buy our shirts!

We would walk into a house for a tour and the missionaries would say, "You must be the Ball family." Becca loved that!

One of the sweet Grandma missionaries (that's what Lizzy called the Senior Sister Missionaries) told us that the missionaries do feel they are walking where Joseph walked. The missionaries are so wonderful here! What a blessing to those of us that come to visit. These kind people tell us about the people who lived here, the buildings, and their lives. At the conclusion of their presentations, they express their feelings about Nauvoo, the Saints who lived here, the Book of Mormon, and the prophet Joseph. This sharing invites the Spirit. There is a wonderful Spirit in Nauvoo!

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We started our exploring of Nauvoo with a horse carriage ride. It was a lot of fun, and even better, it was wonderful overview of the city. It helped us to decide what we wanted to see.

nauvoo 052 nauvoo 061

Since we were near the Visitor's Center, we decided to go through the Women's Garden. I remember only three things from my family's trip to Nauvoo in 1989: the Women's Garden, the Brickyard, and a set of tapes we listened to about Church History. Consequently, we HAD to go to those two locations especially. We walked through the garden and I had the girls each pick their favorite statue. Becca loved the beautiful flowers. I made a slide show of her flowers.

When we were in California picking up Joy, we went to the LA temple. On the grounds there are miniatures of these same statues. It was special for me to be able to share them with my girls this time.

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Cute girls and these beautiful flowers - I love them!

nauvoo 066 nauvoo 067

Lizzy's fav - Woman Praying           Jessi's - the Woman Learning

nauvoo 068

Sam's - she wanted to make hers interactive :)

nauvoo 069

Silly Bec - she liked the same one as Sam, but she wouldn't put down her camera long enough to have her picture taken.

We went to the Family Living Center. Missionaries demonstrate barrel making, rope making, candle making, bread making in a bustle oven, weaving, and rag rug making.

nauvoo 070

This is Joy playing with a candle wick.

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Tasting the yummy bread they made for us - somewhere I have the recipe. I hope I can find it when we unpack!

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My Dad and Nathan made some rope!

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Mandy wasn't so interested in rope making, but being a little girl she found a wonderful use for all those pieces. This piece is the Daddy, this piece is the Mama, the sister, the brother. :) Children love to play!

We went to see the Children's show, Anna Amanda. It's really cute. There is a puppet pre-show followed by a play about "plain ole Anna Amanda."

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oklahoma 2.1 033oklahoma 2.1 038

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The girls with the actor who played Anna Amanda.

Everyday we headed back to the house for lunch. We ate our meals in the house together and separated into families to explore Nauvoo.

nauvoo 071

There was a field behind the house that was the perfect place to run and play with cousins.

nauvoo 072

We gave each of the girls some money so they could buy a Nauvoo t-shirt and a few little souvenirs. They couldn't wait to spend their money, so off we went to the huge city of Nauvoo proper. This statue of Joseph is outside one of those shops.

Then it was back to Nauvoo. We had to see the brickyard. There is a picture of me standing right here holding my brick back in 1989. Being the corny Mom that I am, I HAD to have this picture! Thanks kids!

nauvoo 076

One very important event of the reunion was to get the family picture. We had every living member of the Ball family except Asia's husband (who is in Iraq) together in Nauvoo. My Dad asked a total stranger to take the picture. He was a good sport and took our picture on five different cameras. :)

nauvoo 082

That evening we went to see The Sunset On The Mississippi. Before it began, they had the kids make hats and choose a musical instrument. Then they have a parade, the kids loved it!

nauvoo 090 nauvoo 092

The Senior missionaries and actors put on the production. It was so good! We enjoyed it thoroughly! These people are so talented! They sing, dance, and play instruments. It was so fun!

nauvoo 105

One wonderful thing about staying together in one place (besides sharing the cost of lodging and food) is being able to play together. The cousins play, and the adults play (but only after the kids are in bed). :) What fun!!!

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