Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday - the Non-Temple Part

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Kathie and Beth prepared a service project for the family.  The little kids colored pictures that are going to be turned into a quilt to be donated and the bigger kids learned to make newborn hats.  Becca latched onto the idea and is now using it as a YW Personal Progress Project.  She plans to donate all the hats to Jeffrey's orphanage.

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After lunch (and fudge), we were back out exploring Nauvoo.  Here is the blacksmith - a missionary being a blacksmith anyway.  And our famous "prairie diamonds!"  We even got one for Joy!

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This is the Seventies Hall - pretty cool.  Those are some seriously straight and narrow benches!  Upstairs they have records of the Seventies.  Yes, one of those guys is related to Jason!

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The ox-cart ride.  This was so fun!  Riding in an ox cart is a bumpy trip.  I feel for those sisters who were pregnant. 

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After the ride, we went down the Trail of Hope.  This is a very sobering trail.  The emotions that run through you as you read the accounts from ordinary people as they left everything - again.  Here are my brother and I looking out over the Mississippi River.  The same Mississippi that froze solid so the Saints could leave Nauvoo.  My heart aches for them.

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On a lighter note, :)  this is a fun memory.  Sammi was walking back to the house and walked over to Uncle Jeremy and stole his hat!  They had a good laugh.  :)

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One of the best things about the reunion was the times the kids got to just play together.  I loved watching them together.

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This is another one of those sobering experiences.  The graves of Emma, Joseph, and Hyrum.  A little way behind here are the graves of Joseph Smith Sr and Lucy Mack Smith. 

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