Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday - Dinner and the Pageant


Since we were now living separately, but our food was combined, we meet at the Nauvoo State Park (across the street from Old Nauvoo) for dinner.oklahoma 2.1 059 oklahoma 2.1 064

Jason out playing                                              Katherine and Lizzy playing

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Beth took Becca under her wing.  Becca is the oldest grandchild.  Being a tween is so far away from being a child who is happy to play at the park (the rest of the cousins).  Beth and Bec enjoyed the pageant pre-show activities together.  Bec had a wonderful time and I didn't worry once (that's saying something!).  Thanks Beth!!

oklahoma 2.1 065

Yummy dinner!


Before the Pageant begins, they have a wonderful program for children!  The pre-show has so many activities for the kids - everything from coloring to dancing to puppet shows to horse shoe ring toss.  Very fun!  Highly recommended!

pageant and kathie 002 pageant and kathie 001

Coloring little pioneer stick figures.

pageant and kathie 015 pageant and kathie 019

Sam dancing with some random boy and then stick pulling with Jessi

pageant and kathie 031

The Sack Races - I didn't win!

pageant and kathie 046 pageant and kathie 051

Joy loves it when I dance with her!              Beth & Kath with Jes and Liz

pageant and kathie 062 

Becca and Joy in our seats - Jason and Kathie had reserved them that morning and we are oh so glad you did!

pageant and kathie 063

The parade with bagpipes!

pageant and kathie 064 pageant and kathie 070

The Pageant - of course they are terrible pictures.  It was wonderful!  A couple parts really got to me, once when a baby dies and the father is talking to Joseph about how he was holding onto his son by holding onto his anger.  I was also amazed by the spirit of unity that the pageant portrayed.  I'm not sure if the Saints were as unified as I felt, but I just wanted to grab my ward members and give them all big hugs.  :)  But no one warned me about President Hinckley!  His voice is in the program.  It shocked me and the tears started.  He is such a dear man and I miss him.  I wonder if that is how the early Saints felt when they saw Brigham Young speak, but heard and saw the prophet Joseph.  Anyway, it was wonderful!

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