Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adventures in LeClaire

We had a wonderful time in LeClaire.  The kids had a blast with their cousins!  The Baileys were also staying with the Turpins while we were there.  We went out to Happy Joe's for dinner.  It is right on the Mississippi River.   Angie's camera Le Claire 034

Angie's camera Le Claire 035

Angie's camera Le Claire 040

The Mississippi River is a lot bigger and prettier than I thought it would be.  We tried to get some shots of it for Becca.  We read Tom Sawyer during  her literature course this past year, so we tried to imagine life on one of those tiny islands in the middle of the powerful Mississippi.

leaving leclaire 005

We all went to church with the Turpins.  They attend church in Illinois!!  (One more state for Sammi!)  They meet in the same building that Angie (Jason's sister) was baptized in 25 years ago!

leclaire 009

Ed and Linda (Ed is Gary's cousin; Greg's Mom and Dad) came for lunch.  It was Linda's birthday! 

leclaire 015

The kids saw lightening bugs for the first time - that was so fun!  We don't see lightening bugs in Houston.  Night pictures are not so great.  :(  The second picture, though, is fun.  Sammi had caught one and brought it up to show us.  I clicked the picture just as it got away!

leclaire 035

leclaire 037

They played horsey and camel with Uncle Rich.  The cousins played hide and go seek and store.

Angie's camera Le Claire 080

leclaire 017

leclaire 042 

Moms Camera Leclaire 020

Moms Camera Leclaire 039

Angie's camera Le Claire 034 

Moms Camera Leclaire 010

We watched The Testaments - fabulous!  I had never seen it.  The adults played "May I", a card game played with Rook cards that Sandi's Dad invented.  In case you were wondering,  Gary won.

 leclaire 028

leclaire 029

Jason, Gary, Joy, and I drove around Bettendorf looking at where they lived and the schools they went to.  It was a fun trip down memory lane for Jason and Gary.  Joy slept through the whole thing!

leclaire 018

The first house they lived in.

leclaire 020

The second house they lived in.

leclaire 024

Bettendorf Middle School

leclaire 023 

Bettendorf High School


We had a wonderful visit - very happy memories!

Moms Camera Leclaire 052

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