Monday, December 11, 2017

Zheng Kai

We were up and ready to go on Monday morning.  Me (Shelly) since 1:30AM!

We can see this park from our hotel.  We plan on going to explore it!  Another East meets West breakfast.


We went over to the market to grab some water.  I found some Hershey’s chocolate.  I have seen chocolate from everywhere else in the world, but this was the first Hershey’s.  It seems to be slightly different, but still good!


We meet our guide at 9AM.  They drove us to the Civil Affairs Office.  We had to wait a bit for Zheng Kai and the lady from the orphanage – traffic!  So I was pacing the floor and jumping at every sound in the hallway.

The Adoption Registration Room


And then he was there!!


Taking off his backpack and sitting at the table


Investigating Mama and Baba’s backpack


First family picture (His mouth is full of strawberry Oreos his orphanage sent)


Mr Ding and the lady from the orphanage.  We did some quick paperwork and we were officially his guardians for 24 hours.  They told us we are the last adoption of the year in the province. They take the family picture against a red background.  It will go on the official adoption certificate tomorrow.


We were given as much time as we wanted to go over his routine, and ask any questions we had.  We also asked Ding to make sure Kai understood what was happening and if he had any questions for us.

Thanking the orphanage worker.


Driving back to the hotel from the civil affairs office, Ding was talking to us when Kai started laughing.  Ding asked him why and he said, “You are speaking English and I don’t speak English." He just laughed more. He is a happy boy.

We took him to the Noodle and Chopstick for lunch.  I shouldn’t be, but I’m so impressed by how well he eats!


Playing with Baba


He has the softest hands and feet.  He is a fantastic minic – he likes to imitate what people say.  When he says something in English, there is no accent at all.  He has a wonderful ear!  He hasn’t grieved at all.  He has been so good, just plays with his toys.  He had no problem getting changed, brushing his teeth, or laying down.  We discovered he loves to be tickled!  He slept very well through the night.

We had a wonderful day.

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