Friday, December 15, 2017

Getting to Guangzhou

Friday had one objective – start out in Hefei and get to Guangzhou. Just a traveling day.

Our last breakfast in Hefei.  We found out yesterday that Kai can peel his own hard boiled eggs – way to go big guy!


Just cuteness from our housekeeper – reminds me of the cruise Smile


Cool mural at the airport.


After checking in, Ding and our driver had to leave us.  We are so grateful for our guides in country!  They have been so wonderful!

We had a couple of hours to kill before our flight left, so we had lunch.  Beef noodles with Coke for us and warm milk for Kai.  Yum!


We rode China Southern airlines.  I am amazed how much English is spoken on flights!  Our flight attendants gave me ICE in my drink – wahoo!  Spoiled, crazy American!


Their inflight drink and snack put US domestic flights to shame!  We got the customary drink, but also the snack box – butter roll, snack cake (super yummy), orange, crackers (like vanilla wafers), and apple juice.  Kai ate every bite!


We made it to Guangzhou and meet our new guide, Connie.  She brought us to the China Hotel.  I am so excited to see other families that are also adopting!

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