Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Becca’s 22 Birthday, Lizzy’s Winter Concert

Today is Becca’s 22nd birthday!!  I was 22 when she was born.  So hard to believe.  She is doing so well – married to a man she loves, a beautiful daughter, very, very pregnant with a little boy, 9 months from finishing her RN, and dealing beautifully with a life long disease.  We are so proud of you Bec!


Today’s Christmas bows :)


Last night we celebrated with blue berry pie and vanilla bean ice cream!  I love how she decided when she was still very young that she preferred blueberry pie to cake.  So blueberry pie it was – and it was yummy!

Today she had a pedicure with her Grandma and lunch with Ellie and I.  Love ya Becca Lynn!


Tonight was Lizzy’s Winter Concert.  Her Orchestra played Possibilities and A-Rowing.  They are so good!  Jason and I were so pleased!  During the first song Lizzy actually played the piano.  I thought my heart was going to burst with pride!  I clapped so hard when the Orchestra Director acknowledged her to the audience.

Afterwards we stopped at Comfy Cow for yummy, overpriced ice cream on this frigid evening!  :)



I am one blessed Mama!

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