Saturday, December 16, 2017

Medical Exam and Lake Park

Today was Zheng Kai’s medical exam.  We meet another family with our agency in the lobby and headed over.


When we arrived, there were several other families there as well.  It is so nice to hear words you understand!  (Yes, that irony isn’t lost on me, sweet Kai!) I love seeing other adoptive families with their beautiful children!!

First thing, they took several  passport style photos of Kai.

Then we headed upstairs for the medical.  Fill in paperwork, pay your fee, wait.  Sounds like an American clinic!  :)


The physical exam was super simple – very basic once over.  The ENT exam consists of touching his eyes – don’t have any, looking in his ears, looking in his mouth.  Done.  Then he was weighed and measured.  His blood pressure was taken.  Each of these mini exams was in a different small room.  The final stop was the blood draw.  They have to test Kai for TB.   He was brave, no words, but after a little bit, two silent tears.  He did NOT like the Band-Aid, so I took that off.  And we were done!  We will get the results back on Monday.

Mama and Kai waiting and being silly!


Sweet boy just hanging out listening to Mandarin cartoons.


Dad has found that lots of places sell macaroons – unfortunately, they are super yummy!


After lunch we took a little explore around the hotel.


We explored the Lake Park near the hotel.


Evidently people like to get married in this massive building in the middle of the lake.


I loved this type of tree!  It is the Chinese Banyan.  We loved the prop roots – very cool!


Kai is a trooper.  He just goes with us wherever, no complaints.


I thought these were great – they are everywhere.  Recycling available everywhere.  We have really enjoyed the parks here in China!!


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