Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Consulate Appointment and 25 years!!

Our last official meeting – our consulate appointment, known affectionately as CA in the adoption community.  There are two families with our agencies here in Guangzhou.  Their appointment was at 8:30 and ours was at 10.  We all meet in the lobby of the hotel and headed over together.  We headed to the International Medical Clinic so our guide could pick up our completed medicals.

Our super important documents to get that all important visa!


While the other family headed over for their appointment, we waited in the Coffee Shop for our turn to head over to the Consulate.  Hot chocolate and an apple pastry – yum!


Then it was our turn.  Two blocks over is all we had to walk.  Walking to a US Consulate as a US citizen is humbling.  We got right through, had no wait, no lines, no problems with the guards.  There are many people who aren’t so fortunate.


We headed upstairs – it’s all terribly organized and efficient.  About an hour later, we were done.  All of our documents were turned in.  Jason had taken an oath saying that our documents were true.  They double checked Jason’s fingerprints – and we were done.  Connie will go back in two days to pick up Kai’s passport with the all important visa in it!  It was a little unnerving to hand all of those papers over and walk out with nothing.  :)

We stopped at an electronics wholesaler on the way back to the hotel.  We wanted to pick up some headphones and a tablet for Kai for the LONG flight home.  But sweet Kai had had enough!  Enough of all of this walking.  Enough of all of this waiting around.  And enough of this English!  He was mad at me.  Those silent tears just break my heart!  That was the LONGEST subway ride home in history!  Our sweet boy was silently crying, huge tears running down his cheeks.  A sweet older lady handed me a package of tissues.  Heartbreaking in any language.  We decided that was the extent of our explorings.  We were just going to take it easy for the next couple of days.

There was one thing that Kai doesn’t mind doing, though – and that is EAT!  He knows that English word!  :)

And….today was Jason and I’s 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Nothing romantic about this day, but we did squeeze in a dinner at Food Street.  Happy anniversary to my love – who else would walk this life with me?  Love you my Jason!


Hazelnut bread, seafood congee, roasted goose, steamed dumplings, and scallops with broccoli – pretty tasty!


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