Friday, December 22, 2017

Longest Day EVER~

Started bright and early, breakfast and then a three hour van ride to Hong Kong.  We had to go through Customs and Immigration at Hong Kong – super easy.  We loved the ride to Hong Kong. 

Last picture with the Christmas Tree in the lobby.


Last picture with Connie before we were off.



Hong Kong Airport – see the strolling Santa?


KaiKai and his Baba


That is a very long flight.  Ugh.  But we survived.

Handed the immigration officer our brown packet.  He went through everything and stamped all of our passports.  Unbelievable – all of the work for months has been to get that stamp!  Now to wait for his SSN to come and his Certificate of Citizenship!

Waiting in Dallas to board the plane to Louisville.  Grateful for those hours in Dallas to go through Immigrations and Customs and get something to eat.


Grandpa, Grandma, and Jessi meet us at the airport at midnight.  US Soil!  Wahoo!!!

Welcome to the US Kai!

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