Tuesday, February 20, 2018

An Amazing Day!

Yesterday was an amazing day – seriously, today it is raining and high 40s/low 50s – but yesterday!  We had a record high for February - 82!  The sun, the beautiful sun was out!  So I took advantage!  I took Kai outside (his third time ever!), we worked on counting, and we went to a park.  I love being outside!

Side note: Sammi is in love with baby Bennett – she and he both LOVE this baby wearing.  They share this sense of euphoria – it’s adorable!

IMG_1585  (Isn’t he still se teeny?)


trampoline and swings on the same day!


checking out different things around – the fence that surrounds the backyard.  The washer!!  :)IMG_1578


Practicing counting and numbers – every day we count.  But I wanted to start working on quantity, not just numbers.  So chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds were our manipulatives – anything edible is good!  The small tray is so he knows where to search – a confined space.IMG_1574IMG_1570

Off to the park – I walked Kai down to the stream and he was able to feel the water.  (He had just finished drinking from the water bottle that he is holding in the pictures.)


Little Miss Ellie is in a funny phase.  She likes to pick things up – to clean up.  She’ll hand you something and say, “dirty!”  So cute, but poor thing – you can’t clean up all of the leaves in the park :)


Sweet girl was so independent on the playground equipment.  She’s 16 months – amazing!


Someone else LOVED the slide!  So proud of him and how he is so brave!!


Least you be deceived, there was a meltdown.  But all things considered, a wonderful, wonderful day!!

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