Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Tonight Becca decided to buzz her head.  The hair falling out  - hair everywhere – was not a good experience.  Not at all.  Better to have it short.  She had tried to get it styled to hide her bald patches, and it did for a couple of days, till new patches showed up.  At this point, she’s afraid it’s all gonna go.

Sweet Jessi (while holding sleeping baby Bennett) overheard our phone conversation and verified that Becca was going to cut her hair off.  Yes, I affirmed.  Well then, Jessi wanted to as well, as a sign to her sister that she was with her, that she supported her 100%.

So tonight I buzzed off Jessi’s hair and Becca’s hair.

Two different reasons to buzz their heads – two beautiful daughters of mine that I love so!


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