Wednesday, February 14, 2018


But first a few pictures of my grandbabies……. look at Bennett’s hair!!

We went to a shop that specializes in all things cancer, which includes wigs.  The photographer in me couldn’t resist the fuzzy chair and the wooden door, so I plopped the kids down and started shooting.


and sweet Ellie..


the wigs….

we were so amused that with every different wig she put on, she looked like a different Aunt.  Look!  It’s Aunt Rissie, Aunt Asia, Aunt Danielle!  So funny!

She choose a really cute brown short wig.  Now when she doesn’t want to look like she is on chemo, she can pull on her wig and go!



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Daddy gave everyone chocolate, but I didn't get any pictures.  The person who loved them the most – Kai!

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