Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Kai’s Evaulations

We are working on getting Kai into school.  Why working?  Well, if I just take him down the street to the local Elementary School, sure they would admit him.  He would be in a third grade classroom with all sighted peers – sounds kinda ideal or horrible!  Sweet guy hasn’t ever been to school – and he is totally and completely blind with no blind skills.  So while being mainstreamed may be my goal for him one day, today is not the day.  So we had to start with a referral for Special Education.  Which means the district meet with me, the vision specialist, a spec ed teacher and a gen ed teacher.  Of course, everyone agreed he isn’t ready for a regular classroom – but they have NO DATA on him AT ALL!  He is a stranger to them.  So we provided the documentation to prove his blindness.  That is one criteria for special education.  But they have nothing else.  So we set up some dates for evaulations at the elementary school that has the VI unit.  We went two different days – once for braille and once for O&M. We also had one in our home.  They are trying to gather information across environments.

The first one at school was on Monday morning.  It was pretty much a meltdown interspursed with some exploration.  She did get some good information about him though.

The second one at school was on Wednesday afternoon.  This time they had a translator, oh the difference a translator makes!  He complied.  He worked with the O&M, even learning some about the cane.

I have to say these ladies have been just so kind.  They are good women who really care about children, I can just tell.  Sweet Kai is starting totally fresh.  He just hasn’t been taught braille or O&M.  But everyone sees how smart he is!!  He is going to do so well.

So now we wait.  Reports have to be written.  Then we will reconvene the committee.  An IEP will be developed.  Placement will be decided.  And our sweet guy will get to start school!

I’m not naive enough to think that once he starts school, he will suddenly understand English and he won’t have any problems transitioning to school.  But he will get started.  At 8 1/2 years old, he will start school!  He will start learning – and that is worth so much to me!!

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