Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Ramblings

Lately I have been so blessed during my time in Primary.  Jack, a sweet 7 year old, was giving a talk on the Resurrection.  “Jesus was resurrected and I will be too.”  And my heart just burned as the Holy Ghost testified to the truthfulness of that statement.  How grateful I am for the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  Such hope!  Such relief!  Death is not the end.  I am so grateful for that!  I think I’ve also had Easter on my mind, so that helped to prepare my heart for this additional witness of the Resurrection.  Easter, to me, is the holiest day of the year.  This year there are no bunnies or eggs decorating my house (of course, we will dye eggs and have candy, but decorations around the house), only a simple sign, “He is risen.”  He is risen, which means we too will be resurrected – which means my son will be resurrected.  Ben isn’t gone forever.  He will live again! – and as my son. Everyone in my family (actually the whole human family), but everyone that I love that struggles with something physical will be healed and resurrected in a glorious, perfect body!  Becca without an auto immune disease.  Sammi without anxiety and autism.  Jessi without stuttering and anxiety.  Lizzy without separation anxiety.  Joy perfect in mind and body.  Bella healed and glorious.  Kai seeing the world for the first time through his own eyes!  Alex finally able to explain the world he loves and experiences every day.  My humans, whole and glorious – what an amazing gift the Savior has given us!!

An Alex miracle today – Alex has been having a difficult time of late.  We even centered our Family Home Evening on the power of thoughts and how they shape your reality (Craig Manning, BYU Devotional).  We wrote several positive statements to tape all around his playroom.  It has been a blessing.  Used to, Jessi would hold Jessi during Sacrament Meeting and Alex would fall asleep on her lap after a while.  Well lately, that hasn’t been happening, so she has been taking him out to the foyer.  She sits out there with him and sings and hums to him.  Today he would hum a note and she would sing him a primary song that started with that note.  When she was done, he’d give her another note, and so they continued.  But they got to one song, a bedtime song we have used since Lizzy was a baby,”Go to Sleep” , and he hummed it to her!  She was thrilled!  I am so excited!  Alex loves his music – he always wants it on and he will occasionally make a noise that goes along with the music, usually a strong bass sound or done the actions to a song and his “h” “h” sound, but he has never hummed a whole song before!  It was exciting!!

Go to sleep little sleepyhead,

Nestled in your cozy bed.

Close your eyes,

And when you do,

Angels will watch over you.

I am grateful for family dinners.  They have become a tradition now that the Turpins lives here.  After church Gary and Sandi join us for dinner.  Some Sundays Jason and I cook, other Sundays it’s Sandi.  Sometimes Becca and Blake and babies join us (the house gets a bit crowded!!)  There is talking.  There is laughing.  It is good.  I am grateful for it!  (Wish my parents could be here as well to join us, then it would be perfect!)


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