Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Almost Three Months in America

English words Kai has:

eat, drink, water, wash hands, toilet, towel, tickle

banana, orange, apple, silly boy, what are you doing,

jammies, Mama and Daddy, Joy, Alex, Bob the Builder,

up, down, upstairs, downstairs, shirt, pants, socks

shoes, underwear, cookie, come on

He makes simple sentences, “Kai Kai eat.”  “Kai Kai drink.”

He’s counting: 1 approaching 10, by himself; 30 by repeating

He’ll repeat the alphabet and the sounds they make

He’ll repeat anything if you say, “Kai, say, “

And, of course, his receptive language is much farther than his expressive.

We continue to explain things to him using Google translator – because I want him to understand and be comfortable here.

The ESL teacher said yesterday at our meeting that they go through a silent period – makes sense as the new language starts to grow.  She encouraged us to keep him exposed to Mandarin, through youtube, audio books. etc., that it would actually help his acquisition of English.  So grateful for that, since that’s what we’ve been doing Smile  (Don’t know what I would do without youtube and all of the Chinese cartoons!)

He is a silly little boy who loves tickles and cuddles.  He loves to be outside on the trampoline or the swings.  We haven’t had many opportunities with the weather (snowing again tonight!).  He isn’t very patient.  If you get him ready for something, that means it’s happening NOW.  He is very patient with the other kids in the family.  He’s a wonderful little boy – I’m so glad he’s our son!!

(swinging in the play room – and loving it!)


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