Monday, March 19, 2018

Kai’s IEP

Today was Kai’s long awaited IEP meeting.  Two and a half hours later, my boy can attend the Kentucky School for the Blind.  He is being placed in the First Grade.  Alex and Kai will both be in the K/1 class, but they will be in different skills groups.  I am grateful he can go to school.  I just think of the opportunities he will have now – simply amazing!!  Really as I listened as the teachers discussed the various pieces of equipment they would need (must be included in the IEP), I just sat there so excited for the possibilities literally opening up for him.  Kai – I”m so excited for you and your future!

Technically he could start school tomorrow, but I’ve asked for a translator to be present for a bit as he gets started to smooth his transition.  How grateful I am that the committee agreed to my request!  But finding a translator takes some time, so Kai will officially start school on Monday.  In the meantime, we will go to school tomorrow to fill out our registration forms.  Thursday we will drop by from 9:30 to 11.  Baby steps.

So how am I feeling?  So nervous!  So excited!  I feel like he is going to exceed all of my expectations!  I feel like I’m throwing him to the wolves and he is going to be lost and cry a lot.    I am thrilled!  I am sick with fear!  But most of all, excited and grateful for this opportunity for Zheng Kai!

We have another Wildcat in the family!

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