Sunday, December 16, 2012


Becca spent Saturday with TFME


They played at a Nursing home.  They played at the Vintage (where Santa was – hence the picture).  They went to Starbucks.  They went to lunch.  Becca had so much fun!  She drove a bunch of kids around.  They called the van the “Mormon Party Bus.”  I guess we have a reputation of having large vehicles.





The rest of us had a busy day too.  We started off at 9AM caroling at a nursing home.  The kids played their instruments and then we caroled.  We went to Kathie’s to decorate cookie, for brunch, and to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday.  We enjoyed our time together.

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Then we headed downtown to Joy’s Dance Class.  It was her last class – and the first one we were able to see.  It was so cute.  The teachers are excellent – truly wonderful.  I was so impressed!  Joy, though, was so delighted that I was there, she just wouldn’t stay with her class!  She wanted to be with me.

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To cap off our night, Sammi, Becca, Kathie, and Bec’s friend all went to see Rise of the Guardians.  It was part of the girls' birthday celebration – just a little late!  :)

dec 16 049

Fun birthday presents


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