Sunday, December 09, 2012

Becca’s 17th Birthday

For Becca’s breakfast, we bought the expensive GF cinnamon rolls – she loved them!

She couldn’t decide what she wanted , so all of her presents weren’t here in time -  but her earrings and fancy rosin made it in time.    She also got a pink shoulder rest and hair bows.  I couldn't join her for lunch (crazy school rule), but her cousin brought her a GF cupcake and balloon.  She had to wear a crown and they sing “Happy Birthday” to her. 

She went to her Fifth Grade Strings class and 40 5th Graders sang to her.  That made her happy!  That night she had a late TFME meeting.  Afterwards we headed over to PF Chang’s for dinner.  They have a GF menu!  We got home very late, and had GF cake and ice cream.

Her friend gave her a purse.  Another friend a pair of earrings.  Grandma Turpin gave her money and Grandma Ball gave her bedding for college.


photo 3 (2)IMG_2669

I can’t believe you are this old, my Becca!  You are such a driven and determined person.  You will do great things my love!

Happy 17th Birthday Becca!

I thought this would be a good place to put her Senior pictures.  They turned out so well!  I about cried when I saw them.  You are beautiful Becca!  Thanks Marissa for taking them!



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