Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Week

It got cold here in Houston – cold enough we got to test out those winter coats.  Trying to save our beautiful papaya fruits.


Brother had vision therapy twice this week.  He does so well.  When we got together on Saturday, my Dad was questioning me about Alex’s CVI.  I try to explain to people that he can’t see or what he can see (light/dark/movement).  But Alex looks at people when they talk to him and his eyes look normal.  So people can’t understand.  I don’t understand either.  How can he have days where he doesn’t even flinch if something is right in his face, but other days you could swear he was looking straight into your eyes.  I don’t know.  He’s a lot like Bella – he’s going to write his own story.  I can’t say what he will or won’t do in life.  Only Alex will show us that.


We are trying restraint therapy on Brother’s arm to strengthen his left side.  His favorite activity is eating so that seems to be the best time to do it.


My cute kids


Bella and her teacher decorated these cookies and then made these ornaments at school this week.  She is on again, off again with this eating thing.  Time.  It’s all she needs.


Jessi had an orchestra concert.  We finally bought a dolly to make harp transport easier.  Jessi had rehearsal on Tuesday till late and then the concert on Wednesday. She had harp lessons on Thursday evening.  Becca had to set up for the concert on Wed.  She had Full Orchestra on Tuesday night till 9 something.  Then Friday she had to set up for the middle school Orchestra Concert where she assists. (2nd picture – Bec and the Director too busy to pause for a picture, not taken by me, in case you were wondering)  In addition to that, Bec helps out at 5th Grade Strings four afternoon a week.  I think it’s safe to say that orchestra (and therapy) pretty much rules our lives.


Aw, sweet girls.  When they called us originally about Bella, I wanted her so badly because I wanted Joy to have a sister just like her.(And it follows for her sister to have Joy).  I wanted Joy and Bella to be best of friends.  And then Bella got so sick and we thought we would only have her a short time.  Now she is healthy and they can play together.  This picture warms my heart!

Amazing Bella has amazed me again – walking with her walker.


Brother in his new big boy car seat.  Can you believe it?  He has grown up so fast!  Joy and her candy cane she made at school.  (As an aside I can’t imagine sending Joy to school (she’s Kindergarten age) and her not coming home that night.  My heart breaks for the famlies in the Newton CT shooting.)

dec 16 029IMG_2719

Kathie and I were able to sneak away and go to the temple.  Very cool!

dec 16 021dec 16 023

We went to the library – with Bell.  It’s so fun to be normal!!

dec 16 027

Brother has learned to clap

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