Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Week

Loving on Brother and Vision Therapy – we love how he reaches for things with the light box.IMG_2725IMG_2726
Brother LOVES his puffs!   Jessi bought this huge posterboard and decorated it.  So cute these girls
The remains after making teacher, therapist, and music lesson teacher gifts.  This always stresses me out, but I want to do something to say Thanks you, we are thinking of you.  This year we made ornaments.
Music therapy
therapy, never ending therapy
The rest of Becca’s birthday presents finally showed up!   Liz’s creative burstIMG_2737IMG_2738
Playing around with Bella                       So cute – these things keep coming home from school
Lizzy brought home all of her art work from school.
It came!!! We started the process in July – and finally her chair came. I was giddy!IMG_2742IMG_2751IMG_2755
The girls playing Headbanz, a game Liz got at school.   Cute reindeer cookies Liz made at Activity Days.
We braided her hair when it was wet and took it out the next day – Jessi loved it!  
The cute gifts that Bella and her teacher made for Jason and I.
Sammi and Lizzy made peppermint play dough for me. I was just running out of time! Being the crazy person that I am, I volunteer to do Joy’s class party. Ugh, but fun. So I planned all of this stuff and then had this play dough as a time filler. Cute Brother being so patient.
We learned about snow men – what an abstract concept for Houston kids – so we tried to being in as much concrete stuff as possible.  We read a story.  We sang  a song.  Santa came.  We made a craft with puff paint.  It went well.  I was so glad.  I had been stressing!  I haven’t “taught” in a public school setting since 1997!

IMG_2767photo (11)photo (13)
My helpers waiting to go into Joy’s class – what would I have done this week without them?photo (14)
On the 19th was Jason and I’s 20th Wedding Anniversary.  We went on our big trip to celebrate in October, but we still went out to dinner.  Thai food – so yummy! 
Happy anniversary Jason!!
photo (12)

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