Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Week

Flu hit Becca, Sammi and I this week.  Becca missed four days of school.  Unheard of!  Sammi went to a special Beehive activity where they made caramel apples and carved pumpkins.  It’s a fun time of year!

Going for a walk,                                               Making birthday party invitationsIMG_5303IMG_5311

Bubbles!                                                             Pumpkin pies – from pumpkins (not a can)IMG_5315IMG_5321

FHE – Carving pumpkins!


Beautiful Joy and a beautiful ladybug in our garden!


Sweet girls


Sammi is supposed to exercise daily, which is something she does not enjoy doing.  So she decided to spice things and pretend she was doing quidditch.  Funny girl!  Kathie and Elizabeth stopped by.  Bella absolutely LOVED having them here!  You’ll have to come back Kath!


Sammi has drawing lessons with Miss Chloe on Wednesdays.  They are currently working on perfecting her owls.  Lizzy went to Activity Days this week.  She brought home a special cup cake for Jessi since her birthday is coming up.IMG_5370IMG_5373

IMG_5376This is what fifty pounds of chocolate chips looks like!  Too bad you can’t smell them – ahhh!!  I gave a handful to our PT (who had never seen fifty pounds of chocolate chips in one place before).  She just kept talking about how good they are.  Yeah!  We made a batch of cookies, and they are yummy!

Sammi, Becca, and I bagged up all 50 pounds.  Becca wouldn’t smile at the camera!


My girls!


Sister Hecker’s Annual Halloween Carnival – we took Bella!IMG_5389IMG_5391IMG_5399IMG_5401IMG_5404IMG_5410IMG_5411

Jason wanted to make sure we got a picture for his Dad of the golfing!  Texas size!IMG_5414IMG_5423IMG_5425IMG_5431

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