Sunday, October 09, 2011

Our Week

We started the week off with sick Bella and Joy.  Bella had to head downtown – shots and cultures, but she is on the mend.  Yea!  The best part was she was never admitted.  We handled it all from here!  This picture randomly downloaded from my camera today.  Sweet little Lizzy was visiting Mama and Bella for the day.  Glad we didn’t have to go here this week:

october 9 001

Tuesday was my birthday.  Here are more pictures:

OCtober 4 001OCtober 4 004OCtober 4 011october 8 001

Wednesday I had no nurse and five sick kids.  Actually, a pretty nice day to just sit around and do nothing.  Jessi and Sammi started this puzzle.  Sammi and I finished it up this week.

001oct 9 001

Becca went to school which means she got to go to Young Women that night.  They had a musical evening.  They taught everyone to conduct hymns and then had the girls that played instruments or sing perform if they wanted to.

october 8 002october 8 003

Our neighbor gave this to Joy – sweet.  She loves Curious George!

Moms and Muffins at school

october 8 004october 8 011

Art Club for Sammi:

october 8 009october 8 010

Look who is trying to learn to cut!october 8 014







I cut Bella’s hair.  Before and after: 

Joy had to get into the photo shot too!

october 8 017october 8 024october 8 028october 8 030october 8 031

Lizzy’s soccer game

oct 9 003oct 9 019oct 9 044

Nathan’s Birthday Party:  So very fun!  Happy birthday Nathan!oct 9 071oct 9 075oct 9 086oct 9 088oct 9 111oct 9 093oct 9 120

Jessi and Bella spending time together.  Jessi had a good week.  She is doing safety patrol after school.  She got to do the announcements at school – she liked that a lot!

oct 9 126oct 9 127oct 9 130

This week Becca went to four 5th Grade strings sessions plus Future Texas Music Educator’s Meeting.  Busy girl!

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