Sunday, October 02, 2011

Our Week

Bella was sick off and on.

October 2 277 - Copy

Sammi and I’s “Floating Egg” experiment.  She was also able to finally have a friend over that she has wanted to come over forever!  Yeah!

October 2 283October 2 284

Practicing piano and doing homework

October 2 285October 2 286

Yeah for Fall candy showing up at the stores!  Playing train

October 2 288October 2 289

Happy girls

October 2 295October 2 297

Coloring and looking at the iPad with Daddy

October 2 298October 2 301

Lizzy finished her first chapter book!!!  So proud of her!  Daddy’s new CPAP machine.

October 2 303October 2 305


October 2 309October 2 311

Sammi’s cake she made in YW                        Joy in therapy!October 2 313October 2 316

5th Grade Strings started this week!  Becca is a student assistant/teacher-y person.  Jessi loves that she gets included hanging out with the Director and assistants after Orchestra.  It makes her feel so big and special!October 2 318October 2 319

Sammi is loving all of the fruit available right now.  My garden is very happy.  I have gotten more cherry tomatoes in the past week than all summer long!October 2 330October 2 331

Joy loves that hat!

October 2 332October 2 370

The garden

October 2 374October 2 375

Sweet girls

October 2 378October 2 394

Busy Becca – she spent six hours on Saturday helping the Orchestra directors make name cards for all of the 5th Grade String players (about 200 of them).  Orchestra is her life right now.                                           OCtober 4 003     October 2 395   

The girls headed out for a bike ride.

October 2 396

We decorated for Halloween.        Holding the beautiful Bell

October 2 398October 2 402

Conference morning picnic                         Watching Conference

October 2 403October 2 404October 2 405October 2 419

Jason and the girls painted these fun decorations.  They chopped down the bushes next to our house.  They died in the drought.

October 2 420October 2 422

A piano duet.                                               So cute and ready for HalloweenOctober 2 423October 2 424

oct 2 014On Friday Sammi spent the day and evening with the Homeschool Teens.  They went to a no kill animal shelter and volunteered a few hours (Sammi loved that!), then they went to the Temple.  They had dinner and then some leadership training, followed by dessert.  She had a great day!


Monday night we all (minus Bella) went to Becca’s Fall Concert. 

oct 2 010

Right now Becca’s life is Orchestra.  On Monday she goes to Frank Elementary School to help with their 5th Grade Strings program.  On Tuesday she has rehearsal after school and then her private lessons.  On Thursday she helps out with 5th Grade Strings at Theiss (the program Jessi is in).

Can you guess what she wants to be right now?  An Orchestra Director.  She is looking at SHSU at the moment.

Fridays she has reserved as pizza night.  Well, if throwing $20 at Domino’s keeps my baby home one night a week, I’m all for it! 

This Friday Jessi started her Cello lessons and Lizzy had a birthday party.

Oh, one thing I haven’t blogged about…we have a dedicated volleyball player in this house.  For the past few Thursday nights this individual has faithfully gone out in the evening to play volleyball.  I am proud and a little surprised to discover this side of this individual.  Who would have thought Jason loved v-ball so much?

Two of the songs played at the concert – remember I was filming and holding a 4 year old who was done during this, so sorry if it wobbles!

Handed the camera to Daddy at this point!

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