Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Week

My cute little girls….and Lizzy lost a tooth!  She came home with a loose tooth and she was so afraid that I was going to pull it, she did it herself!

oct 24 001oct 24 003

Homework time……                                       Therapy time.

oct 24 004oct 24 008

Swinging with Daddy      Bubba reading to the girls

oct 24 005oct 24 012

Book Fair buys                                              Sammi’s OT says she needs to exercise.  This isn’t something that Sammi enjoys, so she was walking on the trampoline.  I thought Joy had a great idea.  Since we are walking, we should bring along baby.oct 24 034oct 24 037

Jessi learned some Hawaiian hulas and songs at Activity Days.  Here she is sharing them with Joy.  If Bella’s wheezing keeps her inside, she can still swing in her Johnny Jump UP.

oct 24 039oct 24 040

The magic of the ipad.                                   Soccer game

oct 24 051oct 24 060oct 24 083oct 24 085

Love pictures with Bella in them!         Joy pretending to put the vent on herself.oct 24 102oct 24 115

Time for Violin lessons:

oct 24 105oct 24 106

Jessi had a friend come over

oct 24 107

That evening we went to the Ward Fall Festival (Jason and Bella stayed home).  I committed the grossest sin -  I left both cameras at home.  (Hanging my head in shame)  I always keep at least the little one in my purse, but no.  Nothing.  I have a couple of phone pictures, but that’s it.



My cute girls                                               So much candy – it was ridiculous!

oct 24 113oct 24 114

Fitness Club and 5th Grade Choir started this week

oct 24 117oct 24 119

My other job in life is as Becca’s (and her friends) personal chauffeur.    She volunteers four days a week.  The High School gets out at 2:30, and the 5th Grade Strings program starts around 3.  Sometimes Becca and her friends have to run to get there in time, but she loves it!               This is a picture of four different instruments in my van.  I am also a cargo  hauler.  When the kids leave home, my career options are limitless!

oct 24 118oct 24 120

Poor Joy – she gets hauled everywhere.  This is how I found her when we got home one afternoon.  She is belted, believe it or not.  She has just manipulated those belts till she could curl up in a ball and go to sleep.             Crazy Becca!oct 24 121oct 24 122

My life can be hard sometimes.  Very lonely, in fact.  There really isn’t anyone that understands the world that Bella has brought us to.  No one to talk to about the ups and downs.  But you know I have a couple of thoughts about this.  One, it’s about perspective.  When I think through the lens of eternity, things are easier.  When I focus on myself and have a pity party, life is harder.  Second, it’s all about progression.  All of us, everyone, has a plan on this Earth.  Each of us is to progress, to grow, to become better.  All of us have trials and opportunities to grow.  We really are extremely blessed as a family.  I feel so grateful for six girls, a kind husband, and a home to live in.  And prayer.  I am so grateful for prayer – I have my Heavenly Father to talk to.   He always understands.

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