Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Week

Besides the normal stuff, some of the fun stuff we did this week:

Bella pulls off her circuit when she is mad/frustrated/wants attention.  In other words, a lot!  The girls get frustrated putting it back on time and time again.  Finally, Joy just took over.  “Bella!”  she says with great exasperation as she reconnects her.                                                     Our FHE treats

oct 16 001oct 16 010

Outside play

oct 16 002oct 16 004

Our family once again enjoyed Sammi’s Home Ec class – yeah for banana bread(with the Turpin addition of chocolate chips, of course!)     

And artichokes – Turpins love them!

oct 16 011oct 16 018

New discoveries – slinkies and harmonicas

oct 16 012oct 16 015

Another puzzle completed          Activity Day Girls painted facesoct 16 019oct 16 022

Becca is working on that piano                     Joy was invited to a bday party!            oct 16 023oct 16 049

The weather has been so nice – we are outside!!!oct 16 056oct 16 051oct 16 052oct 16 048

Listening to Becca’s tunes                          All the girls sitting around singingoct 16 086oct 16 087

Being a teenager is exhausting                    Soccer game (I got to go to this one!)

oct 16 088oct 16 098

McDonald’s afterwards

oct 16 100oct 16 101

Jason picked up our bacon order – 2 boxes, so 4 slabs – yummy!

Have I ever mentioned how much we all love fruit?  All of this will be gone by Friday.

oct 16 102oct 16 103oct 16 104


Playing dress up

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