Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Love Houston!

I know that is not what you expected to hear from me.  Not the girl that has this hanging on her wall:


I long to be surrounded by beauty like this:



And Houston is a little lacking in the natural beauty department, as well as the temperature climate that I would love.

BUT….it has every single other thing on my list!

In a five mile radius from my affordable house I have:

  • a Temple
  • our church
  • all four of the schools my children attend (with awesome music programs)
  • four grocery stores
  • Seminary
  • our Stake Center
  • a very well stocked library
  • a post office

Within one hour of my house:

  • A major children’s hospital (that while it drives me crazy, knows and takes care of my baby)

And should we feel so inclined:

  • Every museum imaginable
  • Cultural stuff
  • Major sporting stuff

And within two hours:

  • a beach

I am ashamed to admit this, but I did attend the temple within the last year specifically asking about leaving Houston because of the weather.  Four out of the eight of us cannot physically handle heat.  I was concerned with Little Brother coming (eventually).  We want Little Brother to be able to play sports and for Daddy to participate without migraines for days.  Little Brother will be in Scouts.  We want Daddy to be able to camp and hike and all that Scout stuff with Little Brother.  When we lived in Utah, we did things outside.  We rode mountain bikes, we went camping in the canyon, we hiked.  Here in Texas, we stay inside.  So I went to the temple.  Kindly, Heavenly Father did not think I was totally crazy – I appreciated that!  He told me two things, but the important part for this post is “No where is perfect.”  True.  And I’ve been pondering on that since then.

Jason says I do this every year.  I decide we have to move every summer, then once it’s nice outside again (meaning we aren’t prisoners inside our air conditioned house anymore – and the kids are playing outside again), then I love Houston!

So there you are.  It’s nice outside, so I love Houston!  I guess Houston and I have a very fickle love affair.


asiaelizabeth said...

About a month ago Ben had the perfect Job for Jason and asked if he would be interested. I wish you would move here but I know thats not possible for Bella right now. I sadly had to say no. Let me know if I'm wrong though.I will find him a job in no time flat! I live 15 minutes from one of the best childrens hospitals in Germany :) Were I live looks like all those pictures......

Tiffany said...

Thanks for pointing out the positive aspects about Houston....sometimes it is easy to forget. I also don't like the climate or the lack of scenery too, but I guess there are other good things, like the temple close. I think I would still move tomorrow if the opportunity presented itself! :)