Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Week

Brother is such a tease!  He’ll come to the edge of the bathtub and act like he’s starting to get out – put his hands on the side and start to raise his leg.  I will say, “Brother, all done?”  And he will squeal and plop back down into the water.  Over and over again.  He thinks he’s so funny! :)

A sweet story about Joy I shared on Facebook:

I was putting Joy to bed and explaining tomorrow to her. Bella won't be going to school with her. Bella is going to the doctor and will join her at school after the appointment. "Della owie? Poor Della. (her word for Bella)" No, no owie, but she'll probably be scared. "Oh, poor Della." Joy said her prayers and I left the room. Next I brought Bella into the room and was putting her down and having prayers with her. From across the room I hear Joy offering her second prayer, "Heavenly Father. Della doctor. Della scared. Della OK. Amen!" Sometimes I swear that kid doesn't hear a word I say, but when she offers prayers in her little sister's behalf that she won't be scared at her doctor's appointment the next day...sweet Joy. How I love you!

And about that doctor’s appointment:

2014-09-22 Sept 23 001

Her doctor poked and pulled.  Bella had five x-rays.  Bell is always such a puzzle to doctors!  New doc is going to call old doc and figure out what old doc’s plan was so she can continue it.  We’ll go back in three months.  Meanwhile, her leg continues to straighten out.  In that left x-ray, there shouldn’t be an angle, the bones should be straight up and down.  So grateful for progress!

Sam is having fun in her Art class.  Teacher gave them two McDonald’s Happy Meal toys and told them to combine them into a picture.  Here’s Sammi’s.  And it’s her first exploration with water colors.  Fun!

2014-09-22 Sept 23 002

Nothing quite like a GI bug running through the house, everyone was out at least one day this week.  So grateful for my washer and dryer!

2014-09-22 Sept 23 003

ECI called and we discussed Brother’s transition to school.  We have two months till he turns three. So we have to go through all of the testing, which I really, really HATE!  But I have to keep in mind the end result – Brother at VIPS.  I shall sign my name and bite my tongue till I can taste blood.

2014-09-24 sept 24 001

I’m asking for a good camera for my bday/Christmas so I can start capturing the beautiful Fall colors again.  It really is lovely here.  Reds, yellows, oranges even.

2014-09-23 sept 24 0012014-09-24 sept 24 0032014-09-25 sept 24 008

Evidently a normal KY thing – keep those doors closed!

When Lizzy practices, the little ones, but especially Bella, want to practice too.  Bella signing Violin, music is just too cute for words!

2014-09-24 sept 24 0042014-09-24 sept 24 005

School work

2014-09-24 sept 24 0072014-09-24 sept 24 008

I might be using too many sticky notes of late!  Someone has started copying me!2014-09-25 sept 24 001

My favorite part of the day, when I see these three coming around the corner after being dropped off by the bus.

2014-09-25 sept 24 0032014-09-25 sept 24 005

The girls finally bought their Kammerer hoodies (OK by uniform code).  I didn’t want to spend the $50 until they had decided rather or not they were going to stick it out or come home to home school.  We are adjusting.

2014-09-25 sept 24 004

We had to get Sammi’s a long black shirt for her Choir concert (choir dresses provided by KHS choir, but not here) so off to Old Navy we went.  Normally Joy poses with the mannequins, but she wasn’t with us, so Lizzy did our obligatory Old Navy Mannequin pose :)

2014-09-25 sept 24 010

Loved it – looked out and these two were playing Animal Ball.  The cat says “meow” (or whatever animal/sound combo) as you toss back and forth.  Joy LOVES this kind of game!

2014-09-25 sept 24 0112014-09-25 sept 24 012

Sammi brought me home an Autumn leaf – lovely!  Bella practicing!

2014-09-26 sep 28 0012014-09-26 sep 28 003

Friday Brother and I went out for a short explore! With a wiggly, almost three year old on my hip, capris, tennis shoes, and my phone, I explored!  Loved it!  Three people stopped to ask if we were alright.  Kind Kentuckians who see this beauty every day!

2014-09-26 sept 24 0032014-09-26 sept 24 0092014-09-26 sept 24 0112014-09-26 sept 24 0122014-09-26 sept 24 0152014-09-26 sept 24 0162014-09-26 sept 24 0172014-09-26 sept 24 018

Ward dinner and dessert auction – my cake went for $60.  Pretty good, but I ended up buying two for $40 each.  All for a good cause!

2014-09-26 sep 28 0042014-09-26 sep 28 0052014-09-26 sep 28 008

On Saturday we went to a VIPS Retreat for Parents.  There were classes about eye conditions, managing stress, and transitioning into school.  Jessi and Lizzy helped with child care.  I was proud of them for volunteering all day long!  Lizzy, of course, made friends instantly and helped out with decorating, serving, and playing with kids.  Jessi stayed in the Respite room, rather than the normal child care room, and held sweet little ones for hour after hour whose medical conditions are a lot more complicated than would be served on the child care side.  Jessi has a presence about her that these little ones respond to.  We call her the baby whisperer.  I look at her and wonder what she’ll decide to pursue for a career.  She is such a compassionate soul.  Meanwhile, Sammi stayed home with Joy.  Poor Joy!  She threw up twice at school on Friday! 

(a rosebud from Jason from our yard)

2014-09-27 sep 28 0022014-09-27 sep 28 009

Brother and Bella had a good time!

2014-09-27 sep 28 0042014-09-27 sep 28 016

Bella in the Sensory Room – she loved it!

2014-09-27 sep 28 0102014-09-27 sep 28 011

Sweet Jessi

2014-09-27 sep 28 0072014-09-27 sep 28 013

Crazy Lizzy

2014-09-27 sep 28 0142014-09-27 sep 28 015

During the day Lizzy had an All County Orchestra Workshop for the upcoming All County Auditions.  I have enjoyed getting to know the music educators here, such kind people!  But it’s SO different from Texas.  All County – that means the whole school district since schools are done by county here (crazy system if anyone wants my opinion) – there were five violas for the 7th grade workshop – five.  Lizzy is getting some great personalized instruction!  Makes me sad how many kids are missing out on music!. (sorry about the horrible picture!)

2014-09-27 sep 28 003

Sunday Jason and I were sustained as Ward Missionaries, Ward Membership Clerk (Jason), and Compassionate Service Coordinator(me).

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