Friday, October 17, 2014

Us lately…

Fall is here and it’s breathtaking.  I can’t get good pictures.  I can’t capture the beauty that surrounds me, but it’s lovely!
2014-09-29 October 17 0012014-09-30 October 17 0052014-09-30 October 17 007

Isn’t that beautiful!  Just love it!                                  Playing around with her hair

2014-09-30 October 17 0032014-09-30 October 17 009

Brother’s first day of school fun thing :)  It finally came home, so I took a picture to post it.

I looked back in the car and he was asleep with his hands like this, so sweet!

Beautiful sunset! 

2014-09-30 October 17 0012014-09-30 October 17 0082014-09-30 October 17 011

Sammi’s Choir went to a Music Festival and Brother and I chaperoned.  She has such a strong Alto voice.  It’s developing and she is growing.  Unfortunately, it was too much change with different directors, different methods, different classes, and she had a panic attack.  We left early and went and explored that part of Louisville.  We found some beautiful things!

2014-10-01 October 17 0012014-10-01 October 17 0022014-10-01 October 17 0042014-10-01 October 17 007

Sweet Bella got sick and had to come home, so Joy made her a get well card.  So sweet!2014-10-01 October 17 0082014-10-01 October 17 0092014-10-01 October 17 010

Joy made this cow puppet and then showed me how they eat grass.  Made me laugh!2014-10-02 October 17 0022014-10-02 October 17 001

Art work from the little girls                      Halloween fake nails for the weekend for Liz2014-10-02 October 17 0032014-10-03 October 17 002

Because they are cute

2014-10-03 October 17 003

My birthday – Sammi made me breakfast in bed and gave me this art piece entitled “The Hopes of Humanity.”  Jason made sure we had a cake.  We enjoyed a session of General Conference and then he took me to the airport.  My Grandfather, Pepa, passed away.  We gathered in Dallas for his funeral.  Pepa was my Mom’s step father, but he was always good to us.  I am grateful for that and that he made Grannie happy.

2014-10-04 October 17 0012014-10-04 October 17 0032014-10-04 October 17 0072014-10-04 October 17 0042014-10-04 October 17 0062014-10-04 October 17 008

My sister Asia couldn’t travel due to her pregnancy and my brother Bob joined us at Larry’s house (Pepa’s son) for the funeral.  The rest of us went to lunch before the funeral  - Chinese, of course!  These are just some pictures of being together.  I love that about funerals.  People are together and worldly problems aren’t the focus of the event.  It’s just being together.  I love that.

2014-10-05 October 17 001photo 5

photo 2photo 3

photo 4 (2)

Aunt Kathie sent home a tea set with me that was my Grandmother’s.  The girls loved it!

2014-10-06 October 17 002

2014-10-06 October 17 0012014-10-06 October 17 005

Jason and I went out for my birthday dinner to a noodle house.  It was yummy.  Then we bought a new camera – at last!                                       The Blood Moon

2014-10-07 October 17 0022014-10-08 October 17 006

Crazy boy hasn’t been feeling well and playing in the water keeps the head banging and screaming temporarily stopped!

2014-10-04 October 17 0052014-10-12 October 17 004 - Copy - Copy

From my front step..

2014-10-08 October 17 0142014-10-08 October 17 015

Good morning Lizzy!                Joy and Jason leave at the same time in the mornings2014-10-08 October 17 0112014-10-08 October 17 013

I drug Jessi with me on another Great Explore. 

2014-10-08 October 17 0202014-10-08 October 17 0222014-10-08 October 17 0302014-10-08 October 17 0212014-10-08 October 17 0272014-10-08 October 17 0332014-10-08 October 17 0352014-10-08 October 17 0372014-10-08 October 17 0342014-10-08 October 17 0312014-10-08 October 17 0422014-10-08 October 17 0432014-10-08 October 17 0442014-10-08 October 17 040

My funny girls – they are living in their hoodies these day.  We just have to get used to changing temperatures!

2014-10-08 October 17 0452014-10-08 October 17 046

Bella and I have been seeing a lot of doctors lately trying to get all of those specialists lined up!2014-10-08 October 17 0472014-10-10 October 17 0012014-10-13 October 17 013

Art work coming home

2014-10-08 October 17 0482014-10-09 October 17 004

Husky and I wait for the girls ever afternoon on the front step.  Husky gets so excited!  He’ll be shaking for the joy of seeing them, but he won’t run to them till they are in the neighbor’s yard.

Cause he’s adorable!

2014-10-09 October 17 0022014-10-09 October 17 0012014-10-10 October 17 002

We had three Fall Festivals to pick from for Saturday– one at Brother’s school, one at the little girl’s school, or one at the state park.  All three little ones were sick on the weekend. Since it was just Jason and the three bigs, they went to the big people one.  They had so much fun!  Food trucks, hot cider, hay ride, s’mores, model airplanes (Fall why?), and the beauty of the season.

2014-10-11 October 17 0022014-10-11 October 17 0182014-10-11 October 17 0252014-10-11 October 17 0282014-10-11 October 17 0422014-10-11 October 17 0492014-10-11 October 17 0512014-10-11 October 17 0542014-10-11 October 17 0552014-10-11 October 17 057

Joy was still sick, so we headed in for medicine.  Our grocery store has a fun display out front with tons of pumpkins – Joy loved that!   She and I decorated the house (and her) for Halloween.2014-10-11 October 17 0632014-10-11 October 17 064

2014-10-11 October 17 0662014-10-11 October 17 067

Funny – Joy took these pictures.  Why not?  I’ll throw them in – life in the Turpin household.

2014-10-11 October 17 0682014-10-11 October 17 077

Another tea party for the girls                 She’s a cat – she climbed up there and said “Meow!”

2014-10-12 October 17 0012014-10-12 October 17 005 - Copy - Copy

Lizzy wanted to make something for the neighbors for one of her Faith in God requirements.  Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.  She made two loaves, one for them and one for us.  We all benefited!!

2014-10-12 October 17 006 - Copy - Copy

Poor grumpy boy.  He’s got to get better!         Meanwhile, Bella is loving the deck!

2014-10-12 October 17 010 - Copy2014-10-13 October 17 002 - Copy

Sunday Becca was IMing me on Facebook and said that she had Tuesday off.  If she left right after church she could spend some time with us – and she did! She hopped in the car and seven hours later, my baby was home!  It was awesome!  She showed us her cheer uniform.  She taught Joy some cheers.  She enjoyed Sonic (not to be found in VA).  She worked with Liz on her Viola.  I did a mountain of wash (made me laugh, so stereotypical.  I’m home, Mom, here’s my laundry.)  We talked about her roommates and about guys at SVU.  It was such a fun time!

She is so happy.  I love that!  The difference between now and last year at ISU is astonishing.  She went through so much while so far away.  I’m glad that she’s at SVU now. I’m grateful she is happy.

Every time Becca was out of Joy’s sight, she would ask, “Gecca?”  She was so happy to see her and so very, very sad to see her go!

2014-10-12 October 17 007 - Copy2014-10-13 October 17 004 - Copy

2014-10-13 October 17 007 - Copy2014-10-13 October 17 008 - Copy

2014-10-14 October 17 009 - Copy2014-10-14 October 17 010 - Copy2014-10-14 October 17 011 - Copy

Sometimes you just fall asleep or need to feel what warm laundry feels like!

2014-10-13 October 17 009 - Copy2014-10-13 October 17 016 - Copy

Joy – she has been so congested and miserable!  Checking out our fireplace.

2014-10-13 October 17 011 - Copy2014-10-14 October 17 004 - Copy2014-10-14 October 17 008 - Copy2014-10-14 October 17 006 - Copy2014-10-15 October 17 003 - Copy

I asked Joy to collect some yellow leaves for me.  Playing in the rain.

2014-10-14 October 17 013 - Copy2014-10-14 October 17 003 - Copy

One of my duties as Compassionate Service Coordinator is to visit all of the new moms a bit after their babies are home just to make sure they are OK and to bring them a little gift from the Relief Society.  Having to hold these sweet babies and get to know their Mamas, not a bad gig!

2014-10-15 October 17 006 - Copy2014-10-16 October 17 001 - Copy2014-10-16 October 17 003 - Copy

Jason and the girls went to see “Meet the Mormons.”  Why they took the picture with this prop is beyond me, but they loved the movie.  They came home and told me all about it! 

My sister had her baby girl!  Lexi is beautiful and so very strong!  Welcome little one!  I’m grateful for Heavenly Father’s watchful eye over Asia and Lexi!

IMG_2722photo 1

I got to sub at Brother’s school.  That was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.  I worked in one of the preschool rooms. (Brother is in the 2’s room.)  We had circle time and did experiments with corn.  There was lunch and play time.  And I realized again, how delayed Brother is.  He’ll be in one of the three preschool classes after his birthday (Thanksgiving Day!!).  He’s non verbal.  For all intents and purposes, completely blind.  Cognitively, I don’t know, but not three years old. He is no where near potty trained and you can’t just put him up to the table and tell him to eat.  Have I ever mentioned I hate meningitis?  I hate it when he sits there on cloudy days and hits his head so hard into the floor over and over again.  I was reminded that without the Meningitis he wouldn’t be my Alex – either way, who he is or in my family.  But there are days when I would give anything if he didn’t have to go through these trials.  Time to re-group and accept again that he is who he is and there is a plan for Alex.  We just keep on doing the things that’ll help him be the best he can be, but my heart hurts sometimes.

Lizzy auditioned for All County Orchestra.  It’s a 7th/8th grade thing here, but her Director let her.  She had people come in and work with her.  She had her scales and her songs down.  She didn’t do as well as she had hoped because her nerves got the better of her.  But I think it was a good experience for her.  Performing in front of judges is totally different than practicing on your back deck in front of Mom.  Regardless of if she placed or not, she learned a lot and I’m pleased about that.

Jessi was not asked to participate in All County Orchestra because there are no harps for her to compete with. 

At the exact same time in another location across the city, was the All County Choir auditions for High School.  Jason went with Sammi.  Sammi was really calm until they actually started.  She too isn’t sure how she did, but I am so proud of her for 1. getting the recommendation to even audition and 2. for doing it.  After her panic attack at the Music Festival, she was very brave!  Daddy didn’t take any pictures – ugh!

Way to go girls!!

2014-10-16 October 17 005 - Copy2014-10-16 October 17 006 - Copy

Brother has made a breakthrough!  He is holding onto food!  He used to take a bite and throw the food across the room, so consequently, everything was cut up into bite size pieces.  But we have progressed.  He can take a bite, hold onto the toast, and when done, that another bite!  Huge people, huge!

Joy wanted a picture of her and “cat.” There you are.

2014-10-17 October 17 0012014-10-17 October 17 002

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