Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coming Home Sunday

On the way back from CCK, we took the scenic route, 31E.  I must say we have moved to a beautiful state!  Really, we don’t need to drive out to TN and NC to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. Everything they have, we have in KY (minus the big mountains, but still).  It is beautiful in Kentucky!

I told Jason to make sure and take some pictures – so silly man took a picture of me!

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We stopped at the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.  It is a National Park.  The kids loved the model house that the Lincolns would have lived in.  They loved the simplicity.  Joy just wanted to be in there so she could play!

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I loved this quote from Abraham Lincoln.  Love his humility.2014-09-21 2014-09-21 001 014

They have a walking trail to a monument around a log cabin where Abraham Lincoln was born with 56 steps.  I am grateful they also have a boardwalk so Bella can see it too! 2014-09-21 2014-09-21 001 0152014-09-21 2014-09-21 001 0162014-09-21 2014-09-21 001 017

This was so cool – there is an underground spring right by the house.  You walk down into the coolness.  The temperature change is dramatic.  The water tickling over the rocks, the cave to the left, the cave down below – I know where I would have played if I was a young child with this in my yard!

2014-09-21 2014-09-21 001 018

Fall has arrived in Louisville.  Cool temperatures and the foliage is changing. I am struggling with two things about this.  1. the temp – I don’t have the clothes to live here folks!  I’ve already worn my warmest clothes.  I am in so much trouble! And shopping for me?  Right there along with getting a root canal!  2. (this one is silly) How can it be fall already?  In Houston I am so over the moon for the changing colors, the reds on trees.  I love it!  I photograph everything! But I think one of the reasons for the rejoicing is to celebrate the fact that we survived another summer!  I can get out of the house.  I am free!  But here the summer is so mild, we only had one or two days where we looked at each other and said, “It’s hot, but it’s not Houston hot.” And now this? Cooler temps and pretty leaves.  It’s silly to say, but I think my mind thinks we haven’t earned this – we haven’t survived another summer of baking and intense heat.  There is no justification for the joy.  Hmm…need to review my puritan thought patterns and just enjoy, because it’s fall.  We didn’t earn this fall, but it is still beautiful and I should still be just as grateful for it as in years past! Chalk it up to mercy and grace and call it good.

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Jason took me for a bike ride.  He found a little church he knew I would love.  Oh my goodness!  It’s actually a chapel in a cemetery.  I love it!  I want to be buried here!  I want my memorial service in this beautiful stone building!  Perhaps morbid, but I love it! I’ll have to go back and get some proper pictures when the sun isn’t setting and casting shadows on everything!

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