Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Normal

Well, I guess this is the new normal.  I have to say that putting aside their public schools, Louisville seems like a fantastic place to live.  We are finding our groove.  It’s not a big city, so I can get anywhere I need to be.  I haven’t yet felt unsafe or scared in any areas I have driven through.  That is very nice!  Jason has been out of town a bit the last two weeks.  That’s different.  It’s just what they needed on that project, not for all projects.  Other things I have noticed:  Whoever designed the highways here should be shoot.  Feeders are a good thing and a totally alien concept outside of Texas evidently.  In Houston they stack grass that is being transported.  Here they roll it.  It looks like great big jelly rolls with green filling. :)

Dancing while folding laundry

2014-09-08 Sept 23 0032014-09-08 Sept 23 005

Headed off to school.  No seminary while Daddy is out of town. Mama can’t be in two different places at the same time.  Joy has a new job and she’s very good at it.  There are two bathrooms upstairs.  Six people get ready in one – it’s just the way timing works out.  So I have a laundry basket in the most utilized one.  As she is the last to get ready in the morning, Joy’s job is to bring the laundry basket from the bathroom and bring it to the railing.  She then throws all of the laundry down stairs.  I take it the ten feet from the entry way to the laundry.  Joy puts the basket back into it’s spot in the bathroom.  She loves it!

2014-09-09 Sept 23 0032014-09-09 Sept 23 005

Cute Brother – he continues to do well in his school.  He is happy and is doing well.  O&M is great.  So happy he is here! 

2014-09-09 Sept 23 0072014-09-10 Sept 23 0012014-09-10 Sept 23 003

Playing outside

2014-09-10 Sept 23 0052014-09-10 Sept 23 007

Have I mentioned their ridiculous bus ride?

2014-09-11 Sept 23 0012014-09-11 Sept 23 004

Out for a walk – loving the sidewalks! Memorial Northwest didn’t have any.

Had to take Bella in to the doctor for ringworm – yeah!  The joys of sharing germs in schools.  She wanted to fill out her own form.  I sometimes put Brother into the wheelchair when I need to do something with Bella.  He can move it around.  He kept backing into the chairs and just laughing!  The office staff thought he was so funny!

2014-09-11 Sept 23 0062014-09-12 Sept 23 0012014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 003

I found two family names!  Jessi took them to the temple!  So grateful we are still close to the temple here.

2014-09-12 Sept 23 0102014-09-12 Sept 23 0042014-09-12 Sept 23 006

Joy and Bella’s had a Gallop A Thon – one of those money making things the PTA does.  The girls didn’t care, but they got cute shirts!

2014-09-12 Sept 23 0182014-09-12 Sept 23 020

Jessi and I attended the Kentuckiana Family History Conference.  The next day she finished her goal to index 1000 names!                         Sammi and Joy making cupcakes!

2014-09-13 Sept 23 0012014-09-14 Sept 23 0012014-09-14 Sept 23 003

These two sillies ready for school!  Playing in the backyard.  Jessi drew a picture of Bella.  She had to make something that represented something that inspired her!  Ahh.

2014-09-15 Sept 23 0012014-09-15 Sept 23 0022014-09-15 Sept 23 005

Our beautiful roses in the back yard.  They have not been tended to, but they are beautiful!  We have enjoyed these temperatures of late!

2014-09-15 Sept 23 0072014-09-15 Sept 23 008

We put up two hummingbird feeders and we have two hummingbirds!  I just love them!  I know they will have leave us soon to migrate, but I have LOVED having them visit!

2014-09-15 Sept 23 009photo (4)2014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 002

Sammi had a seminary party that she attended and had a good time.

My crazy monkeys reading poetry to each other when they were supposed to be in bed! Guess they technically were in bed, except for Jessi, but still!

2014-09-16 Sept 23 001photo (2)

Mama’s kinda freaking out about the upcoming winter!  I’ve been buying coats and gloves as I see good deals.  I was reading that the NE and the Ohio River Valley are expected to have a harder than normal winter.  “Oh, poor people.” I thought.  Then I looked up where the Ohio Valley is – that’s where I live!!  Oh!  Poor me!  The girls love the boxes things are coming in!

2014-09-17 Sept 23 0012014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 0042014-09-17 Sept 23 0022014-09-17 Sept 23 003

A ward family ding dong ditched us with treats and popcorn for movie night.  They also included a list of their favorite places to go here in Louisville.  Can’t wait to check those out!

Jessi helping me make some wiki stick and cardboard pre braille cards. Jessi went and hung out with a bunch of LDS girls.  She enjoyed that.

2014-09-17 Sept 23 0042014-09-17 Sept 23 0052014-09-12 2014-09-21 001 003

We had to have labs as part of the girl’s physicals.  I waited for a bit because they have been sick and I wanted true results.  Very traumatic for Bella, OK for Joy.  Definitely cow pies (French fries) and juice afterwards though! Bella’s results were awesome!

Waiting and waiting and waiting…..

2014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 0072014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 0082014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 0092014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 0102014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 0132014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 0152014-09-13 2014-09-21 001 016

View from my deck – love the trees!          At Jessi’s lesson.  We miss hearing the harp around here.  Since they don’t have any at school, she has to keep her instrument there.2014-09-14 2014-09-21 001 0012014-09-18 2014-09-21 001 004

Brother’s schoolwork                    Daddy got to take Brother to school one morning!

2014-09-18 Sept 23 0012014-09-18 Sept 23 0022014-09-18 Sept 23 003

Our ward had a Meet and Greet.  Lizzy went and played volleyball.  Sammi took a video of Jessi during the Three Legged Race! We have a huge ward here!

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