Monday, September 08, 2014

Our Week

We are passing a bug through the house.  Joy missed three days of school – poor thing. Probably the same bug that ended up getting Brother a CT.  So lots of laying around and resting.  “When you’re sick, rest is best” after all. (Thank you Daniel Tiger!)

We found one for you Bec!


Found this looking for other things, we never published it.  Too cute!

The big girls got to go to the game on Labor Day, but Mama and the little girls needed to get out of the house too!  Daddy took us to “Tom” Sawyer Park.  It’s a HUGE park near our house.  They had so much fun! 


Jason loved this – He thought it looked like Linus from Peanuts playing on his mini piano!


We bought a small sofa (with a pull out bed) and four recliners for the basement.  With the projector TV and surround sound speakers, it’s a great movie watching place.  Our current Netflix obsession is Doctor Who. I like the picture of the temple there to remind us to watch good things.  :)


Jason thought this was funny – dead crawfish at Kroger.  Really?  Ick!  Crawfish should be alive until they plummet to their rapidly boiling watery grave!  :)  Things we have noticed:  gas and meat are more expensive here. I actually drive a lot more here because everything is so spread out.  We’ll have to see if we can find another place where we can buy a half of a cow.  Our freezers are empty.  I sure miss the lean hamburger from the farm!

Sweet Brother and Sammi at church.  He cuddles in and you pat him, and he’s gone.  Love it!


I went and got my Kentucky Driver’s License.  Sadly they kept my old Texas old.  Between buying a house and having a KY DL, I am officially a Kentuckian.  But with a KY DL, I can get a library card and so can these two!  That is the biggest smile I have seen on Jessi’s face in a long time!  Beautiful, wonderful books!   Lizzy outside listening to Princess Academy – love that book!

2014-09-03 2014-09-07 002 003IMG_2500

My tree view from the back deck.  I love the trees!  I prayed that I would have trees! 

Picking up Brother from school on one of the days Joy was sick – she LOVED the colored windows at his school!

IMG_25012014-09-04 2014-09-07 002 002

This is a picture at the pediatrician’s office.  It reminded us of our friend, Melanie Chalk (get it?)  Yeah, we are kinda crazy. We might be missing our friends a bit. Lizzy called one of her friends in Texas this week.  Her friend also moved over the summer.  It was good for them.  She has been asked to come over and play by a girl here in Primary.  She is already talking about some friends at school.  That girl can make friends with anyone!  Love that about her!

2014-08-28 2014-09-07 002 0032014-08-28 2014-09-07 002 005

Our food pictures of the week: Becca and Aunt Marci got me hooked on cinnamon rolls cooked this way.  So fast and so fun!                  We are loving these new flat bottomed taco shells!  So easy to load up with the good stuff!       Cupcakes Liz made us from scratch. Super yummy!

2014-09-07 2014-09-07 002 0022014-09-06 2014-09-07 002 0012014-08-24 2014-09-07 002 002

We went for a drive on Sunday.  So many sailboats on the Ohio River! We drove along a scenic bylaw.  The camera didn’t capture the layers of hills.  I just love the blue that they turn in the distance!

2014-09-07 2014-09-07 002 0032014-09-07 2014-09-07 002 005


2014-09-07 2014-09-07 002 008

Sunday evening the Ward Disability Specialist came over and talked with us for two hours.  She wanted to know about the kids and how they could fully integrate them into Primary.  Awesome and incredible!  Really!  She has an autistic son, so she gets it.  She understands what we want and our expectations for their behavior.  She will train the members who will be called to be their helpers at church.  So excited for this!  All of us, our whole family, can have a place in this ward.  There are so many families who search for churches willing to accommodate their loved ones with special needs.  Excited to meet these people who are being called to serve my babies.  She learned that Sammi has Asperger's and challenged her to reach out of her comfort zone. I think this ward will be a blessing to our family!

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