Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break

Unlike the rest of Houston, we did not go to the rodeo.  Instead we just left our schedules behind and were just alive.  Love slowing down.

Monday we took the new van to get an estimate.  The passenger side door won’t open.  There is no evidence that anyone hit us or anything.  They quoted us $1100 to fix it or $600 if we didn’t want it perfect since this isn’t an accident claim.  Ouch.  We’ll have to see.

Afterwards we went to Valley Ranch and Grill for dinner.


After Joy’s adoption was complete, we took a picture on this bench, so we had to take one with everyone!


The flowers are beautiful this year – I sent Liz and Jes out with the camera and this is what they brought back.


Nathan got hurt really badly this week.  He was hit by a line drive going probably 60 miles an hour.  He broke his nose and got a concussion.  He fractured his orbits (the bones for the eyes).  He shattered his bridge.  The poor guy looks terrible.  I saw him and picked up Mandy who spent the night/day with us.  Jason and Rob drove down to give him a blessing and saw him.  But I won’t post any pictures.  Poor guy.  He looks like he got beat up pretty badly.  He is looking at surgery to re-build his nose and sinuses and then another surgery to rebuild the bridge.  For that one they will have to use metal plates.  Poor guy.  His eyes were protected.  We are grateful for that.

Mandy, Lizzy, Jessi and their friend played together all day.  They went out for frozen yogurt.  They had so much fun.  Meanwhile I got the privilege of meeting the dermatologist.  Being a red head with fair skin and a first degree relative with skin cancer, I get the joy of skin scans annually now.  So fun!  I had kept a pretty good eye on myself all these years, but we still got to take two biopsies.  My brother called and we got to share how much fun it is to get carved on.  My doctor was great, though.  He had me laughing which is good since I don’t like needles and having my body craved up much!  Poor Joy was freaking out about the band-aid, though.  “Oh Mama, owey-hurt!”  Then she would try to kiss it better.  That only happened about a million times that day.  Since then I don’t wear the band-aid.  I’d rather not have quite so much love on that tender spot.  I felt guilty anytime I thought it was tender or sore.  I’d think of Nathan and realize that I am a big wimp!

As a side note, the reason Bob called was to let Becca and I know that the article they wrote for The New Era was accepted for publication!  Exciting for them!


Cute Brother working on protective extension to the rear.  It’s coming, and he thinks it’s a great game!


My girls helping out in the kitchen – love that!  I had them stand straight with no shoes so we could see current heights.  Liz is still a child.  Bec is finished growing and I’d bet is going to be the shortest!  Jes is going to be tall (as compared to us Ball women, looks like she’s getting her height from the Turpins) – never would have guessed that one!


Becca got a hair cut.  She loves that she can still put it in a bun for ballet.


Brother found a new toy and loves it!  Love that face!  Sharing her music with her Didi!


We spent a lot of time outdoors!




IMG_3786There are four oaks in my front yard.  All the same variety, all getting the same amount of sunlight and water.  And yet they develop at different rates.  I watch it every Spring.  The one closest to the house on the left develops first.  Then the one closest to the street on the right is next.  Followed by the one closest to the house on the right.  And last the one closest to the street on the left finally buds.  It has hit me that these trees are like my four big girls – all growing up in the same house and developing at different paces. But in the end. all of my trees have beautiful green leaves.  Monday Sammi’s therapist meet with me and suggested that we get some further testing done before she starts school in the fall.  I’ve done a lot of processing and research.  I’ve talked to doctors and a mother whose child has a similar diagnosis.  Sammi and I have talked. a. lot.  about the advantages to labels when asking for accommodations in public school.    I think she’ll be OK in school and I think she’ll find her way in this life.  We’ll get it figured out.  She is going  to continue to bloom and develop into the beautiful young women Heavenly Father created her to be.  Just like my oaks.

The girls' new braces came in this week!


Watermelon!  Introducing Brother to bananas – sticky!  He is so funny.  He doesn’t want to be feed anymore.  He wants to feed himself.


Cute girl all dressed up!  He’ll walk if he has something to hold on to.


imageWednesday Bella and I headed down to pulmonology.  It was a terrific visit.  We are all so very pleased with how far this little one has come.  Her doctor loves her so much.  He always kisses her and loves on her.  She had just had her ears checked in this picture and wasn’t having anything to do with any of the love at the moment!  :)




Becca had a little school work to finish up, so as a reward she would run to Sonic.  Joy has to get out of the house at least once a day.  Otherwise she’ll run up to you at the end of the day and say, “Me? Joy?” while patting her chest.  It means “Do I get to go?”  So if she hasn’t been anywhere that day, we’ll run to HEB or something to buy whatever we are currently out of.  This week, between Becca’s school work and Joy’s need to leave the house, I think these two went to Sonic at least three times – just the two of them. 


Daddy took the big five out to lunch on Friday

photo 1 (14)photo 2 (13)photo 2 (14)photo 4 (12)

Discovery time for Alex – his first time up the ladder and down the slide.


Saturday was Sarah Jane Rosenlund’s funeral.  She was four years old – a little over one month older than Bella.  It was a lovely funeral.  Her parents . . . my heart breaks for them. 


We came home and took our girls to the park.  Bella was never far from my side all day.IMG_3711 - CopyIMG_3712 - CopyIMG_3713 - CopyIMG_3714 - CopyIMG_3748IMG_3727 - CopyIMG_3730IMG_3738photo 3 (9)


A funny…as I was lying down to take pictures of the Bluebonnets, Joy jumped on my back.  Jason caught the whole thing on film.

Bella’s sats were very poor that night – low 80s.  But between some oxygen and some Brother cuddle time, she’s doing better today.


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