Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Week



My  Joy is getting bigger.  She wants to play with her sisters more and more.  She was outside with Lizzy and told her, “Stay here.  I get Jessi (pronounced Gussi)”  Then she came inside and told Jessi to come outside to play.  Love that she is communicating more and more!



Vision Therapy.  Oh my goodness, he did so well this week!  He found the spinner and spun it.  Then she brought out the colored shapes and he played with those.  She moved the spinner to the right and while playing with the shapes, he reached over and spun it!  There was no light behind it.  It was awesome!


Rainbow Piano Method – Sammi has decided it’s time for Bella to learn.


For Family Home Evening we headed over to the park.  We have to enjoy all of this outdoor time!

IMG_0713IMG_0718IMG_0720photo 3 (9)photo 4 (8)photo 5 (3)IMG_0721

Therapy shots – Brother is doing great!  He walks with the gait trainer or if you hold his hands.  His PT eval this week was awesome!  He needs to learn to creep, crawl, and then walk, but he has gotten all of his other skills!            “Side step, side step,”  Bella actually said that. Love to watch her speech coming after all these years!  She wants to walk so badly.  She has even taken two steps unassisted.  We can’t wait to see what she’ll be able to do once her knee is fixed!!


Monday Becca got a letter from ISU – she has been accepted into the school of music!!  One happy girl!


Beautiful day with happy babies


Coloring and eating  (he tried strawberries)                                        


Becca was so excited – homemade Thai pizza (she couldn’t eat the Thai peanut sauce because it has soy sauce in it, but if we make it homemade, she can!) 

Wheat waffles with strawberry syrup


It’s been beautiful here!  Lots of time outside


Lizzy’s horizon’s class made a model of the surface of the moon.  Sammi painted this in art class with Miss Chloe.


These two silly girls help me out so much!   Playing outside


Riding bikes


Thursday night Mandy spent the night.  Lizzy and Mandy had a sleepover in the play room upstairs – very fun!

Crazy brother – when he’s really happy or when he goes outside, he opens his mouth really big and sticks out his tongue.  He almost looks like he’s tasting the air.  He might be.  But I was struck by how much he looks like my little brother, Nathan!


Tuesday Joy had another cap put in.  She is such a good patient!  The next day both she and Brother ended up the doctor’s office.  She had a massive sinus infection and he had a nasty ear infection.  So grateful for the medicine that is helping them to feel better, just wish they liked how it tastes so getting it in them wasn’t so hard (love Bella’s g-tube for that reason!)


Wednesday we had a great YW presentation on the history of YW and our place in the House of Israel.  Even Becca liked the activity and that’s saying something.  Our Senior is getting a little trunky!   (I will spare you any pictures of me dressed up as Sister Elmina Taylor, 1st General YW President)


Thursday night was the solo competition for 6th Graders.  We stopped at the Hong Kong market and bought tapioca starch (to make GF Baking mix), rice, and Chinese gum!!  And then as is tradition, on to Sonic for a victory drink!  On Friday Jessi found out she got an Excellent (and a medal)!


Saturday Jason and the girls built a t-frame for our garden patch.


While we worked outside, there was swinging, weeding (that green frog gave me a heart attack!!), a strawberry patch to admire, and babies to corral!


This is for vertical gardening - the idea is that the tomatoes or whatever plant grows up, so you get a higher yield.  We’ll see.


Lizzy loved the flowers this week


Cuddles during our movie


During the week Jason took Jessi and Lizzy biking along the Cypress Creek.  They all loved it!photo 1 (9)photo 2 (9)photo (26)


A crazy picture Linda sent me of Liz and Jes playing at her house – love the wig Liz!!