Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Week

Sunday was Jason’s birthday.  For dinner he wanted London Broil with Hollandaise sauce, finger potatoes, homemade bread, and, of course, strawberry shortcake!  March 24th is also Linda’s birthday, so she joined us for dinner.  Brother likes whipped cream!


Exciting news!  Jessi found out this week that she should be getting her braces OFF in May!  Wahoo!  It has been 6 weeks since Lizzy got her ears pierced so she was so excited to change earrings – VERY excited!!


In sad news, our camera battery charger went missing.  I couldn’t take pictures!  What to do?  For this paparazzi Mama that just wasn’t conceivable!  Jason ordered me a new charger, but it couldn’t get here till Friday.  Thank goodness our phones take pictures!

We took Joy back to the doctor.  She has been on three rounds of antibiotics.  The moment she gets off, her infection returns.  So this time we are trying a different type of twenty days to try and eradicate it!  Here’s hoping!

Vision with siblings – fun picture!  Bella went to see a new ortho.


Poor Brother had to get shots and his last synagis shot of the year.  I’ve been grateful he has had those to protect him from RSV.

Therapy shots – yes that is Lizzy working on sensory.  Miss Rosie is great about letting anyone participate that wants to.



I just loved this picture of Bella.  For some reason it reminds me of a picture I’ve seen of my Mom.  She is leaning against a car in a simlar pose.


Jason is so proud of his garden.


Hot pink, high heel, sparkly shoes for Prom.  This is what Becca wanted, but not being a shopper I couldn’t find them.  Her Laurel advisor found them and bought them.  A perfect fit!  Thank you Sister Kikuchi!!         Joy likes to lock herself in the bathroom to avoid things – like going to school.  Here is Sammi teaching me to pick locks!       Fun Lizzy!


Brother going visiting teaching with me.               Cute Joy!


Brother – he is so stinkin’  cute!!  This first picture is so dear.  It’s his new thing.  He’ll turn his head around like that to give hugs.  He snuggles in.  It melts my heart.  There is nothing sweeter than an Alex hug!  Sucking his thumb and practicing walking.


The girls were jumping on the trampoline with a friend.  Bella was watching intently with great concern :)  She liked it when they calmed down and Jessi held her to play “Duck, Duck, Goose.”                     I love that we have to have two grocery carts just for the babies!



Read about this idea and love it – a laundry basket in the bathtub.  It’s like a little room but in the water.  His toys can’t go far and it keeps him safe from his sister!

                                                                       Dancing in the living room!


For the rest of the week, Daddy was off work, so we played.

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