Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Week

Our homeschool group is very active, but we can’t usually go on the field trips with all of our appointments.  As it worked out though, this week’s field trip worked into our schedule!  And who wouldn’t want to go to CiCi’s to make their own pizza?  Fun!


Joy helping me make brownies.  And if you are a Dora Fan, yes, she was singing “Bate, Bate, Chocolate!”                         My adorable baby boy!  Love naked, sleeping babies!


Vision Therapy – twice this week                We are so proud of him!


Bella’s therapy:  music, vestibular action, and some sensory play.  Can’t you just see the thought bubble – “and you think I should touch THAT?”


Some great pretend, lots of breathing treatments, and yet another sinus infection for Joy.


Houston, we have achieved mobility!  It’s not exactly textbook, but he’s starting to pull it all together!!


Love all of his faces!               Starting on meat.  Must have been hard work, he fell asleep!


Joy wanted to go on a walk, with her baby.  Sammi took her.  Of course her baby and its carrier got too heavy pretty quick and Joy handed them off to Sammi to carry!IMG_3826IMG_3825

Mandy came over while my Mom and Nathan went to see the surgeon.  Mandy and Lizzy enjoyed their time together!

Meanwhile in the surgeon’s office, Mama and Nathan got to see a miracle.  All but one small bone in his face has healed.  All of it!  No surgeries are needed.  None.  No massive operations.  No recovery time.  No metal plates.  The doctor compared Nathan’s CT scans and was simply amazed.  We are all so very grateful for Nathan’s miracle, for the power of prayer and priesthood blessings!

Bella teaching Brother “Dynamite!”


Lizzy sewed this cute bag in Activity Days!  Art Club (sand painting of an oil lamp and a pitcher)Brother moved up to the big crib.


Lizzy and I went on a great explore.

Our strawberry patch is bringing us great happiness right now!



PT for Brother and Pizza and The Hobbit for Friday night


Wednesday, 3/21, was World Down Syndrome Day (3/21 – three copies of the 21st chromosome)  Happy Day from us to everyone!!



My crazy daredevil wanted to get on the roof!  The roof!  Finally Jason and I relented.  She swept all of the leaves, pine needles, and branches off the garage.  She LOVED it!  I think I aged ten years.


Peaches and tomatoes


Silly putty hand (by Sammi).  The girls spent quite a bit of time at that table on Saturday.  It was so cute to watch them.


Becca had a Pre-UIL Concert

Be forewarned!  Jason and I both feel that someone is missing from the family.  It’ll be interesting to see how this next little one is guided to our family.  I vote for a clone of Brother.  He is so cute!  A brother?  A sister?  Special needs?  Typical?

To help everyone recover from the shock of that statement, here are some videos from the last month:

Jessi and Brother

Becca and Brother

Bella and Brother